Southwestern College-Winfield Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Life is not a race. You cannot judge your progress based on that of your friends. You cannot think less of yourself because of where you are now and where your are going. Sometimes, you just need to sit back, relax, and breathe because it will all work out in the end. The college transition will be a rocky one, but once you get everything sorted out, it will all be ok. You will figure out where you are going and you will be happy. It will seem like forever but then you will look back and realize the journey was not nearly long enough. All you have to do is breathe and enjoy the scenery and you will be ok.


If I could talk to myself in high school, I would tel myself to live up to my potential. You are a smart girl and the life you want will not be possible without an education. Do not worry about boys and slow down. Maintain a job and save a tremendous amount of money for school. College is hard and requires focus, strength, and determination. These are all qualities you were raised with. Don't let anyone tell you it is not possible because anything is possible when your mind and heart are in for the win. Stay on course and do not let obsticles hold you back.


The first thing that I would have told myself is to follow my dreams and to do the best I can at everything I do. I took a short break from Southwestern to attend a Junior College to follow my first love. This was not devastating to my degree but I think that if I had stayed that I would have been better off because I wouldn't have had to move back and forth two semesters of college. I originally went to college because I wanted to play soccer and my advisor at school talked me into being a Biology major. Biology is the one degree that I could not be less interested in. I would have also told myself to sit down before going into his office with an idea of where I wanted to go in life. It was confusing then and I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders now that I am older and have had time to think about it I am sure that I would have told myself to concentrate on Business Administration from day one.


Go into college with an open mind, and do not be afraid. Being timid will get you nowhere. College allows you an opportunity to create a new name for yourself. You are no longer confined by what you were known as in high school. If you put in the work, time, and energy to your activities, they will pay off. Begin to step into new leadership roles. You never know where they might take you. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Before you know it, four years will have flown by and you will be wishing you made the most of your college years. So I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, get involved in a new activity, and take the time to get to know new acquaintances. You never know, you might just find life long friends. Good luck! You will do great!


Your years through college is what really starts to mold you into the person you are suppose to be. Therefore, the decision you make on where to go to school is a very important and life changing decision. While it does not have to be a permanent decision, it's good to find a college/university that is successful for you. Don't be afraid to leave home and try new things. Once you have choosen a college make sure to get involved and meet new people, but keep your studies as the main priority. College will be some of the best years of your life, but you need to remember that your studies and grades are what will get you farther in life after college. It is important to have a healthy social life, because that is what will keep you motivated about school, but your studies must be of a priority. You should try to give your major of choice and college of choice a legitimate try, but don't be afraid to try new things if you do not enjoy what you are doing. College is a place where you find yourself.


Don't go to this school, theres more schools out there. You'll end up changing your major before first semester ends. You won't make the transition for about a month after you get back from orientation. If I knew all of this when I was still sitting where you are sitting now, I wouldn't of gone to Southwestern. If you go, your going to be making probably the biggest mistake of your life.


The advice I would give myself is no matter what situations may come your way, NEVER give up on your educationally dreams. It gets hard, lonely and draining. However no one ever told anyone that their life journey would be easy. We as individuals have to prepare ourselves through faith, love and prayer in order to get strength to endure what life has to bring our way. So as life struggles began to take a toll on my, I still had a little hope, faith and love to help me keep fighting to get back on the educational path that I was striving to get back on. Now that im back on thta path, I am very grateful and fortunate that I was given another opportunity to pursue my degree. I am SO blessed to be at this institute and very fortunate to be surrounded by such a group of individuals that are grounded spiritually and academically and most of all they are outgoing indivduals that love to have fun. Im looking forward to what lies ahead for the years to come.


I would tell myself to get a job and save as much as possible. Another sore topic is I would make sure I took the advanced placement tests that I took the classes for just because the score results would have been sent and I wouldn't be having to have my junior year results sent up. The main thing is knowing what I want from softball and determining before I got here if I was going to play. That would have made the first few months alot less stressful and I would have stayed out of the Emergency Room and been a lot more secure in my own identity. It also would have been easier to let down my family if I had been able to quit before I went to play for a college.


They should try to make friends as soon as they get on campus by joining a club or just introducing themselves. During the first few weeks of school is when all the cliques are formed and if you don't get in one soon then it will be harder to make friends later.


I would recomend that they take the time to learn about the services the school has for learning disabilities because a school that has tools available for these students really care about education.


1) Find a college that will work with what you want. Make sure to go on a couple campus visits to each of your top schools, and if possible, spend a night with the students there and go to some of the activities, like an on-campus concert. That's really the only way to know if the school is right for you or not. 2) Go to the college you love; and once you get there, get involved! Be a part of the college community; this creates a support system for you where you make life-long friends, and you can get help with your school work. 3) Get close to a few of your professors. They will work with you; they don't want you to fail, I promise! They also give great references and know of some really amazing opportunities that you wouldn't get any other way. 4) Study hard, but don't forget to have fun! We're young, life is ours to enjoy. Just don't get too carried away with havingfun and forget to study, or vice versa! Good luck!


When choosing a school the person attending the school should be the one that decides the final choice. In reality it is not the parents that will be spending the next 4-5 years at this college. The parents should not be the ones that pick out which school their children decide. However the parents should be there to help the children with what schools fit in to a price range for them. This is the harse reality to college that everyone's parents didn't all go to college, so everyone's price range will be different. When choosing a college the people that allready attend the college should also play a big factor. This is because most all colleges have somewhat of the same degrees, so it is the people that will make the experince different. Your friends that you make will change the experince that you have at the college that you attend. One way to have the best experince at college is remember that almost no one knows who you are, so if you didn't like who you became in high school then you can start over. This way you can be your true self.


As you plan for college I think the biggest thing you need to plan for is the fact that you will change. Students will take classes to grow knowledge, make friends to grow socially, and have experiences that will influence everything about them. Parents will have time away from their child and to grow into another aspect of a child's life. Instead of being the main provider they may become just a source of help. Instead of being their closest friend or worst enemy a student will see their parent in a new light. People don't go to college expecting this or even understanding it but these next few years will be the start of a lifelong change and adventure. When you return home, students let your parents know that you will not be the same person you were when you left home and parents let your child know that you are proud of him or her and encourage them in their walk through life.


You have to just choose based on how you feel. Usually your first choice is the right choice. I knew when I saw my schools campus that I was sold, and there would be no contest. Do not opt not to visit the campus. Usually a visit to the campus can quell any doubts you may have. Talk to students you see on campus, ask them questions. Do not second guess your judgment! If something is a little off then do not choose that school. If all else fails and you choice was just really wrong you can transfer.


When looking for a college, look for one that the student feels comfortable in right away. If you attend the campus of a college and are not welcomed, it probably isn't the place for you. Also, when determining what type of college might be right for you, consider all aspects the college has to offer: including financial aid, extra-curricular activities, housing options and available courses. Also, consider the town that you choose to go to college in. The town life could be what makes or breaks the college deal. While in college, it is important to make the most of your time and financial obligations. In order to do this, students should become as completely involved as they feel comfortable. Spend time with friends, but also realize that studying is important. Attend football and basketball games on the weekends, but don't forget about your family back home and the importance of keeping them updated on your busy life. And last but not least, don't let the responsibility of being in college be a burden. Enjoy it and embrace it.


I would have to say to prospective students and their parents that they should research the schools of their choice, find out how financially accommodating the school is to their needs. Also they should make sure campus life, and class sizes are just right. The location of the school from where they live is a big key to school choices. Once they find out all the information and both parties (parents and student) agree, then there is your choice, and for the students, HAVE FUN!


When looking for a college, visit all the possibilities. There's no way to determine if you like a campus or not without visiting it. To make the most of your experience simply get involved on campus. Get out and meet people, join clubs, or play intermural sports. Most importantly have fun.


The best advice I can give is to make sure that you look at every aspect of the college and don't settle for one that meets most of your wants. Look for a college that has everything you want and maybe some extras that you didn't think about, but would like to have. Don't pick a school just because they will give you a free ride. Make sure you visit the campus of the colleges you are most interested in. That way you have an idea of what it will be like to live there. When you are at college do everything you want to. If you want to play a sport, find a college that will allow you to. The same goes for music and art and everything else. Finally, make sure that the school will help you find interships during the summer and a job after graduation.