Southwestern Illinois College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In my opinion, the kind of person that should attend my school is someone who is determined, slightly unsure , and moderately social. My school has more one on one time, but still proves to be very challenging. To make good grades at my school, a person must be determined and ready to learn. Somone who is unsure about their major would benefit due to the exposure to many different subject manners in a degree program. A person who is moderately social would benefit from the ease and comfort of the small community-like social atmosphere on campus.


Students that want to transfer to 4-year college. Starting will give a great chance to save on money by taking classes that transfer. Also everyone one needs some kind of college to survive the world now. Just by getting an Associated Degree in something you are interested in will help in life. This college is low on the cost for a great education.


Anyone who is willing to go back to shcool or just start over. One of the reasons I love this school is because it is so open to everyone and welcoming.


Whether you're young or just young at heart, every age and ethnic group is welcomed.


Any one planning on getting a good start on school, a good degree that can fit their budget, and have a school that fits around their time frame.