Southwestern Illinois College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my self to go a head and stick with your track and cross country and that Southwestern Illinois College is the best choice you can pick and save my self from all those long hours from searching for the right college.


If I could back in time and tell myself what I know now, how would my life be different? Senior year is supposed to be fun, visiting college, and deciding what you want in the future. For me, this was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. Everything in life was about to change and I had no idea how college would be. Looking back after spending two years in the college life, I would tell fearful me that college will be the best experience of your life. You will become more than you will ever imagine yourself now. I would tell myself not to fear, because new and exciting experiences will bring a resilience and confidence you never had before. I would say not to fret learning new things and new subjects; you will find a passion in learning that will animate your soul. I would tell myself to never give up your dreams because of doubt and uncertainty, if you want something go for it. Do not let anyone tell you something is too hard, the apprehension of others should not define what is possible. Lastly, I would say to never give up on what you believe in.


If I could go back to talk to my high-school self, I would reassure her that starting out her college career at a community college wasn't the end of the world. At the time, I felt like SWIC was the worst option for me. It made me feel like I wasn't as good as the students going straight to four-year schools. However, SWIC was the best choice for me. Its reputation did not proceed itself. At the Red Bud branch - the one I attended - the professors were insightful and always willing to stay late and help, or offer office hours. Some provided cell numbers for around-the-clock help, some checked their emails every few hours. I was employed by the Success Center as a student tutor, which has been the most rewarding job I've ever had, and I've been able to keep a steady GPA while taking classes that are challenging enough to hold my interest. I graduated this Spring, and am on my way to Webster U as a full-time student in the fall. My high-school self wanted to go straight to Webster, and after two years she will be.


When you go to a 2 year college and getting financial aid te General Education Classes with what you want to do because Most General Classes will transfers to other collrgrds or universities but trade classes may not transfer.


The advice I would give myself would be take more time and study. Once your GPA gets low it is harder to bring it up than to let it drop. I would also tell myself to care about the classes that I feel are not important to still care about them, because I could still learn something from the classes and use it later on in life. Also, don't be afraid to talk to the students around you because they may be able to help you in many aspects of your life. They can help you in the class or give you advice on where they got some helpful information.


I would tell myself that happiness is a choice. I'd also say that sometimes silver linings are hard to see. I would tell myself that college is a one part fun two parts hard work. "Use your time wisely and do you homework younger me" I'd say. I would tell me to listen to my parents and older sister more. Also, you may want start saving money for college now. I'd make sure that I wasn't so afraid to make mistakes. But the most important message I would have for myself is please save your 17 page English on something other than your blue flash drive! You are going to lose it!


As a high school senior, I would better explore career options that are common in my area. An extensive scholarship search would likely pay off and better prepare me for the unexpected. Finding others with common interests to talk to for advice in how they have gone about following their dreams would be helpful in shaping my own dreams. Also I would tell myself that anything is possible and don't put limitations on yourself because you can do anything you set your mind to. Watch your spending habits and make informed decisions. Life is unpredictable, so have an open mind. Don't be afraid to share with others your ideas because that shows them who you are.


I would tell myself to work hard in my classes, and what classes to take while I'm at SWIC. I'd convince my self not to procrastinate with starting college for the first time. I would convince myself to register earlier for classes, and to save my more of my money for college and books. I would give myself advice on the cost of college, and the books that I would need for my classes. I would tell myself to look into scholarships so I could maybe save some money. I would also tell myself to look into colleges earlier, even though I would just be starting at SWIC. I would get myself to take extra art classes during the summer so i would have more art experience under my belt.


I've known since I was a sophomore in high school what my major would be. I am the type of person who likes to plan out everything. I've known what I want to do, when I want to get it done and where. Since I've known all of my plans, I don't really have much more advice I could of given myself. I feel that all of my plans are going well and I wouldn't change anything. After I finish at SWIC with my Associates, I plan on attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to achieve my Masters in Accounting. I've got a long way to go and big ambitions that I know I will accomplish as long as I work hard and keep in mind all of my goals. I would appreciate any help that I can get in accomplishing my goals. I am currently paying for my own schooling and would love all the help I could receive.


I would tell myself to do my research more thoroughly, even if I have a career picked out, I would tell myself to research the quickest and smartest way to go about getting my degrees, whatever they might be and to never let anyone tell me that I can't do it or I shouldn't do it just because it's difficult. The best things in life are hard to come by, so I would tell myself to work for it. And not to be so lazy and look for scholarships! If I have trouble, ask someone qualified for help. Don't rely on others to do my work for me. Take music lessons outside of school to better myself. Stay focused. Be positive. Surround myself with people who will love me and support me. Be aggressive in going for what I want, forget about stage fright, nervousness or anything else. Keep my eyes on the prize. The road to success is paved with temptation, but it'll be worth it if I stay on the path and never falter. And thank God every day for the blessings I'm given.


I would have given the advice to start earlier when looking for scholarships and also applying to schools. Don't just look for scholarships and apply to schools for one day make it a daily habit to look or apply.


Listen when somone says "Scholarship opportunity" and apply for it. Every little amount of money you can get will help. Also if yo want to go to a 4 year college right out of high school, well don't. Start at a 2-year community college. Why you may ask-first you don't really know what you want to end up doing right after high school and could end up changing your mind a million times, do to the many options out there. Also going off to a big 4 year college in will be most likely the first time you are away from your partents and a some what stuctured life. So you will have this new found freedom that sometimes gets the best of first time colleges students. Meaning that some drop out the first semster and are back at home with mommy and daddy, with there freedom gone. So by going to a 2 year college first you can get your general done, which will most likely transfer to the 4 year college, and live at home, which will save a good amount of money, and maybe have a job too.


Before anyone goes to an institution of higher learning, they should look back at thier high school career and ask them selves three simple questions: 1. Did I excell in high school academically? 2. Was I in school by choice, or because I had to go? 3. Have I taken the time to really decide what I want to do for the rest of my life, professionally? Some people are not cut out to be college students and some prefer to enter the work world immediately or enter the military. There is nothing wrong with any decision, as long as the person can look at themselves in the mirror and honestly tell themselves and family, that they made the right decision. Some people are not ready for college immediately after high school and working until they decide the path they want to follow is fine, college will still be there and maybe they can excel after a period of maturing. Every person is different and the choice they make at such an early age will be with them for life. Ask questions, talk to councelors and friends before deciding anything. You can afford time to be cautious.


Some of the tings I wouild tell myself was that, don't think that college was jsut going to be a piece of cake. That you just can't assume that college is going to be the same as high school was. You need to work your butt off on your senior year and you should take geometry in high school so you don't have to worry about it in college, because either way you are going to take geometry, so take care of it while your in high school. Another thign I would tell myself is that you need to help your mom more around the house so that youcan do latter on when your mom isn't there to do it for you. Well I guess that is pretty much all I would say to myself if I went back in time.


Getting out of Belleville is the one thing in the world you are determined to do, but maybe you should take a little bit more time to research and look at the good and bad aspects of staying in Belleville. The first week of going to school in Florida will be a blast but then you'll realize that you miss the life you had at home. After you are in Florida you will spend days just wishing you were in Belleville and at the last minute the day your supposted to drive back to school for second semester you will change your mind and end up staying in Belleville. How last minute? You'll turn the car around in Tennessee to come back to Belleville. If you really take the time to way out the options and what you are losing you will choose to go to SWIC like mom and dad are telling you and not waste the money going somewhere you will end up hating.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to treasure every day of high school. Try and cherish the time you have at school with all of your friends instead of trying you rush yourself to get out of school everyday. I would also tell myself to really appreciate the opportunities that you have in high school. In high school there are so many people that will do anything at all to help you succeed. I would go back and tell myself to give every effort to focus in one getting to the college level, in academics as well as athletics. But most of all i would tell myself that everything will figure itself out in time and not to spend the whole year worried what your going to be doing for the rest of your life.


Go and sign up for theatre, dont be so afraid to make new friends just be welcoming.


If I could go back in time and offer advice about the "college experience" I would say that it is not as scary as perceived. Do not fear the transition simply because you are not knowledgble of it yet. To be afraid of something you do not fully understand seems a bit foolish, because we can't know everything can we? And yet, at times it seems some people are so afraid of living and constantly worry about the future, but we should not be afraid of that either. If we're constantly worrying about our future, we are not able to completely enjoy the present. To live in the "now" is to fully experience the present. Savor it, because all we have is the present moment. Do not waste your life away by living in the future because it is the present events that influence the future ones. Simply be, and be yourself, and know that everything will be taken care of. : )


Do not worry, college is not as bad as you expect. Make sure you pay attention more in class, because a lot of classes will repeat the same material learned in High school.


I would have given more thought to what I really wanted to do in life. I got out of high school and graduated with a business degree and I was very unhappy. I have truly found my way and decided to pursue my education in Nursing. This is what I really want to be and do. It is such a good feeling to come home from clinical and know that I have made a difference in someone?s life directly. I have learned so much from going to the Nursing home and caring for these special individuals. Elderly people really are unique and have their own wonderful wisdom that has been shared with me this semester. I love this type of work and I can't wait to be able to give myself to individuals that really need me to show support and nurturing when they are ill. This is the best decision I could have made! In giving advice, look inside yourself and really think about who you are and what you want to become in life!


Don't worry about not fitting in. Everyone is great!


I would tell myself to take a deeper look at where I really want to be in the next few years. That if I want to be able to enjoy life as an adult, I should dedicate the time to my continued education then (now), while I only had two children to support instead of waiting until life is hard and education was required to get employement.


I would tell myself to not things school for granted. Just because I can take whatever classes I want and I can miss school if I don't want to go I shouldn't because I will pay for it later on. I would always tell myself to always study and organize my time better.