Southwestern Illinois College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i knew that i should have worked harder during my prior education to attend a better school


I wish i could of known that I could get done with school faster. I wasn't aware of the fact that I could take more than 4 classes at once.


I wish I had took the time to look for more scholarship money.


I think I have no one to blame but myself for not keeping up with the educational level I need to succeed in today's job market. I only had to keep abreast of the courses offered and I would have known that I could advance myself with the help of the staff of my current school. The school has a very good policy of sending out information to every resident, and I didn't even take time to look.


I wish i would have known which teachers to avoid taking classes with and what are the preferable teachers.


Where all the classrooms are. And that I was a little more invovled because I would love to do theatre again.