Southwestern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The type of major that Southwestern Oklahoma State University is really known for is Pharmacy. People from all over the Oklahoma and surrounding states come to SWOSU to try and get into the pharmacy program. With only so many spots avialable, student work as hard as they can in the classes to better their chances to get into the program. Many people forget that there is many other nationally accredited programs of study at SWOSU, like nursing.


My undergraduate school was best known for small class sizes, accessability and great programs in education and pharmacy. My graduate school is known for easy accessability, smaller classes and team work in classes.


The programs that they offer, and they're professors are some of the best in Oklahoma.


We are best know for the quality of the campus life. The school provides a lot of activities for students to particcipate in outside of school.


Pharmacy and business schools.


"The Focus Is You" SWOSU uses that slogan and it gets annoying as its not always true. The dean tends to act more friendly than she really is.