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The online/blackboard collaborative program that allowed distance learning.


When I was talking about SWOSU, people looked in disguist as well as saying that it smelled like cow poop and that I should go to a major university if not an Ivy League. With that being said, SWOSU is extraordinary! Everyone is jubilent. Tuitions, fees, and room and board rates are affordable. Classes are information and the professors actually acknowledge your presences in class. The campus is rather small, but you will get a workout walking up the hills with powered winds. Overall, I am glad I cam to SWOSU instead of the other schools I was considering.


The people here are far more friendly than what im used to including teachers and students.


my school is unique because we have a swosu foundation that goes into scholarships.


It has a pharmacy program.


The small size of the school helps be more personable in the classes. It helps the professors be more one on one with the students.


It's a small school, so I know more people and it's not as hard to walk from class to class. Also my teachers can really get to know me since there are not many students here.


It's a great hands on school, with the professor's wanting to help the students graduate and get the degree they want. The staff actually cares about it's students. Plus, it's close to home which is nice.


The classes are very small at this school and the professors are always willing to help students if they are struggling or if they have questions. The professors are very personable and accessible.


How helpful and friendly everyone around is.