Southwestern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Southwestern Oklahoma State University?


Great Proffessors you won't miss your class


The environment, everyone is so cool and nice!


1) Professors go above and beyond in helping students. They are like best friend during your semester. They are friendly and their really interesting in the student successfullness in college. 2) Classmates get to know each other very well even though they just met in the first class, they challenges each other to have outstanding grades. 3) School size is great with pasive enviroment/


I brag about how good my academic advisor is and how she has helped me through every step of my educational program and she helped me to get the classes i needed to be able to graduate on time. Also I would brag about the smaller classes and the ease of most courses that I have taken at this school.


tough classes, good education, allows you to get general ed and other classes that transfer to larger universities, strong pharmacy school ; chemistry and physics classes


We have a great pharmacy program. The environment is great, friendly and safe. I like the small classroom size and the availbility of professors.