Southwestern Oregon Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I live in a town about 25 miles away, and I have to drive that distance twice every day. That's quite tiresome. Additionally, I have only found three good drinking fountains on campus. All the rest send a stream of water that's about one inch tall. In other words, my school does not give me much to complain about.


Every school has a website there to help their students navigate many different things, such as the campus, and the different classes they have, but many of them just do not have a very good site. Either it's hard to navigate and figure out, or it just does not have very good information. For Southwestern I would say that they do not have an easily navigated site. The tabs that they have are very obscure and if you're looking for something specific such as the classes directory, it will be very difficult to find.


The worst things I consider about my school are the avalability to new equipment. With the state cutting funding to balance their budget, it has left my school with far less to work with.


I do not have any complaints about my school. I have found that Southwestern Oregon Community College Nursing Instructors are extremly supportive and they are sure to see thier students succeed. I have found that this is how thier program is unique. Thier support and encouragment makes SOCC's nursing environment condusive to learning. I have yet to expirience such a high level of teamwork and compassion at any other school. All nursing students hear war stories prior to entering a nursing program. Stories that involve nursing instructors failing students by putting them under unessessary pressure are the worst. I