Southwestern University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A diverse community of people that are very driven in their goals and who truely enjoy what they are doing.


Challenging in terms of the amount and difficulty level of work, but still supportive of the students and enjoyable to attend.


Southwestern University has a beautiful campus, small and effective classes, and extremely helpful faculty and staff.


Southwestern is highly liberal and humanistic. It does an excellent job of honing communication skills, writing skills, and your ability to think critically.


A community of diverse individuals who care about their future and their impact in the world.


Southwestern is a small, liberal arts college in a small town in Texas that provides a fairly good education for highly motivated students who really want to learn and are seeking to do something with their lives.


An island of liberal acedemia in the midst of a conservative community within a short distance from the ecletic city of Austin, TX.


Southwestern is a small, intimate, academically challenging private liberal arts university with a beautifully historic campus near Austin, TX.


A close tight knit community.


An acedemically challanging istitution that doesn't get enough credit nationally, but still has many connections and encourages students to have a good time.