Southwestern University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Goal-oriented, hard working, beautifully-minded people of all kinds of identities, who fight for what they believe in, question what they're told at face value, and enjoy creating art or pushing research questions as far as possible.


My classmates are intellectually hungry, creative people whose love for learning is only matched by their love of life itself.


The people who attend this school tend to be frendly and outgoing. There is a strong liberal tendency at this school however people of all diffrent beliefs and backgrouds feel free to discuss their diffrences and not judge others for having different feelings than their own.


Outgoing, diverse in backgrounds, and enjoy learning.


all students are very socially conscious, but not in an annoying way. Everyone is friendly.


We are all different, but our small and close-knit community is one of the best support nets I've had. A friend, fellow student at SU, recently died, and the outpouring of support and love was overwhelming. We are also each other's teachers.


They were driven and diverse .