Southwestern University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


In a nutshell: My campus is best known for creating better human beings. Southwestern fosters values and ideals that enhance and enrich our lives as students and focuses both on academics and giving back to the community.


Southwestern University is known for its beautiful campus, rigorous academic enviroment, small class sizes and impressive faculty. Many of the students were from the highest bracket in their highschool, but most are not pretentious or stuck up. Since we're near Austin, many students enjoy local concerts, dance clubs, and performances on occasion, although there are many things happening on campus so most students stick around. There's a rumor floating around that we were rated #1 in the nation for workload. We make it fun by studying in groups on campus or at local coffee shops.


I believe we're best known for our rigorously challenging academic stature, brilliant professors, small classes, beautiful campus and liberal atmosphere. I was first attracted to the Pirate Bike Program, which places bright yellow bicycles all around campus for students to freely use. This, to me, showed that the quality of student life is a priority for Southwestern.


small classes, oldest university in Texas


The level of it's academic rigourousness. Southwestern is a school with a very large workload, that at times can be difficult to handle.