Southwestern University Top Questions

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The faculty and staff are very encouraging and truely care about their students. Professors go above and beyond to help their students and often stay in touch with them after they graduate. Students have a very strong sense of community and alumni stay close friends for life. Students at SU are very proud of their school. Even though many students party a lot, they still are very successful academically .


I didn't consider any other schools very seriously. I visited junior year and fell in love with the campus. One thing that is unique is the student to faculty ratio of 11:1. It makes it easy to get a hold of professors when you need them. Many give out their cell phone numbers so you can call after they've left campus. We also have Pirate Bikes, a set of yellow bikes that you can take around campus, simply leaving them outside the building for whoever needs it next.


Students at Southwestern get a lot of experience writing and thinking critically. This is why Southwestern alumni are typically very successful. It is a lot of work though.


Its small, very visually appealing, students are required to complete a research capstone before graduating, it is typical of classes to be less than 10 people, its in a small town thats far enough from Austin to not have bigger-city problems, but not too small, plenty of social activities that do not force students into binge drinking behaviors.


There is a strong sense of community on campus, and that includes the professors. They really want you to do well. There is a lot of freedom of thought and you're never discouraged to voice your opinion.


My school offers small classes and professors who care more about giving us insight into the world and educational opportunities than their paychecks. I love Southwestern because the people really matter here. Students are given as much financial help possible to come or stay at this university, while other students are generous and willing to help newcomers understand the way the University works. Georgetown is also friendly, and is just small enough that they genuinely care about all of the students' welfare.


The size and the academic focus.


I enjoy the small classes and how the school feels like a community. Professors are easily accessible and accomadating.