Southwestern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about 2 things. First is the statistics of where people who have graduated from Southwestern are now. Southwestern has an unbelievable acceptance rate into medical school, law school, and other graduate programs as well as a large percentage that are able to find jobs after school. The second thing is the fact that there are a lot of clubs that are open to new members so, unlike very large schools, everyone can usually find at least one club that suits them.


The teachers at Southwestern are very personable and are always looking to help their students, whether it's right after class, meeting outside of class, or even through a phone call. It is not like a big school where the teacher has no idea who you are, but quite the opposite. Also, the pirate bikes are awesome and allow you to get all over campus quickly even if you don't own your own bike.


I brag predominantly about the professors and the Paideia program. The Paideia program is essentially an honor program where small cohorts of academically diverse students meet for biweekly salons, civic engagement projects, presentations, and research. The professors are brilliant; they are always willing to spend extra time with students and quickly become friends. I personally have had dinner with professors at their homes. I've played dodgeball with one professor and her kids, my friends have babysat for their professors, and I've even gone out to bars with professors before (in a 21-and-up group, of course).


How revered Southwestern University is for their academics. Also, that our professors work one on one with the students for as long as necessary to help them.


How much work I have and how awesome my friends thier are.


The work load in really intence however the small classes that tend to range from 7 to 30 people (I once had a class in a large lecture hall with 12 kids) allows students to talk one on one with proffessors to master the material. In fact every prof I have had has schedualed and placed in their sylabus times that they are waiting in there office for students to come ask questions. One prof waited in the library for 2 hours after our class ever day waiting just incase someone needed help.


I can sing really well and I'm the most organized person in the world.


The academics and the amazing professors


The opportunity to connect with professors and really dive into the material in class discussions is what I appreciated the most. Having a smaller campus really allowed that to happen. It made the school feel more like a community where you knew most of the people there.


Southwestern has an amazing campus with the people to go along with it. Most everyone is friendly and has a familiar face. Many of the professors will stand out and overwhelm you with there brilliance.


How much I am learning, and how much work I have to do.


That Southwestern is 30 minutes away from Austin and the famous 6th Street.