Southwestern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not like a small campus, a small student body size, a liberal arts school. Also, anyone who wants to play varsity college football, since the school does not have a football team.


A person who is not willing to question everything she or he believes. A person who finds reading boring. A person who accepts mediocrity and consistency. A person who thinks the world is fine the way it is. A person who prefers a large student population. A person who does not enjoy having a small classes.


persons who do not like homework


A person who is passionate about their future, and willing to work hard for it. Southwestern is ranked very high in its amount of work load, but the best part is that Everyone there is working just as hard. It is like a community and everyone looks out for each other. The possibilities are endless at Southwestern, so someone who is willing to take advantage of the resources should be the type of person to attend.


Someone who wants very small classes and personal attention in the classroom. Also, someone who does not care about school spirit or colllege sports. This person should be open to new ideas and a liberal culture.


Someone looking for an easy, cheap degree. This school requires a lot of hard work in order to have a respectable GPA.


Poeple who cannot balance rigorous academic coursework and an active social life.


Individuals that are not willing to work dilligently, whom are not focused nor concerned with the world around them should not attend Southwestern. One of the major strengths of the university is the way in which it is able to engage students to find their passions while becoming informed about the world in which they reside. We have a motto of being life-long learners; those that intend to stop discovering and unveiling their passions should look elsewhere.




Anyone who really likes to party and doesn't care alot about learning and isn't passionate about what they're studying.


People who want a big school where you get lost in the crowd and people who just want to party. Such students will end up unhappy because, while there are parties just as at any university, that's not at all the focus, and constantly partying could likely have an adverse affect on grades, which would put doubt on the students abaility to keep up with coursework. "Slipping by" isn't so easy, and attendence to class is mandatory, so students who plan to just show up for exams will be disappointed and suffer in the environment.