Southwestern University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the school is how extensive the sciences are for a small liberal school. The instruments, machinery and type of research going on at SU is cutting edge. Faculty and staff is very supportive of students academically and are very accessible to reach and meet with. Most have great personalities. If you talk to people, you find great conversations.


How welcoming Southwestern University is to anyone and everyone. Also how accepting everyone is towards each other other although it is very diverse.


The best thing about Southwestern University is its size. Southwestern currently has around 1,300 students, and is continuing to grow. The class of 2014 is the largest freshman class in the history of Southwestern with a number around 450 students. By being apart of a small university you get to know your professors, and fellow students very well. You build relationships with these peoples, and it is a family like atmosphere. I enjoy being a Southwestern Pirate because I feel as if I am at my home, away from home.


I think the best thing is the faculty and staff. The facutly and staff really helped me come out of my shell while in college and provided me with many opportunities I would not have received without their help. Even as an alum, they are still available to assist me and listen to me anytime I need.


The small classes and one on one relationships with professors. Most are very helpful.


The small size of my school was probably the best and worst thing about it. The small classes and easy access to professors made getting help on homework and class assignments easy. While the coursework was rigorous, it was dificult to get left behind with all one-on-one attention that was available. I also knew many of the students in my classes, which made it easy to find study partners. Also, Austin is close by which provided a nice outlet to meet new people.


The small classes because you are able to have in depth discussions.


Without a doubt the faculty: though (and oftentimes because) they're not as outstandingly research-driven--and therefore not as outstandingly "well-known"--as many of their colleagues, they are surely some of the best educators in the nation. That is, on top of being incredibly intelligent and capable of communicating that intelligence, they are personable, caring, and supportive of their students' work. The price Southwestern pays in not pursuing research as a top goal is more than compensated for by the selfless and modest characters of its professors. Each day in the classroom with them is life-changing.


The accesibilty of the professors. They all want to help and make sure you get everything you want out of their classes. If they think you don't want to get anything, then that's fine, but if you talk to them and make an effort, they will always help you.


I think it's the community feel. It's nice (although sometimes frustrating when you want to skip a class) that your professor notices you missed a day and emails you.