Spalding University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I dont think their is just one kind of person that should attend this school because of how diverse it is. Anyone with their own style, personality, talents, and looks can attend a school like this one. Anyone that attends the school is allowed to express themselves to their liking. Also anyone who is willing to care about their learning in order to embark on having a career can attend a school like this one.


I believe that everyone is fit for Spalding. There is no one who wouldn't succeed in Spalding, as long as they have the drive to succeed and get the degree that they want to. Spalding has a diverse atmosphere and that's another thing that I love about the school.


Only a person that is serious enough to be willing to study hard. Ready to roll their sleeves up and use the elbow grease to get things done. Have a good sense of what you want to do with your life.


Someone who should attend this school is someone who can handle a big city atmosphere and those who come along with it.


A person who is totally dedicatied to their education


A person who is highly motivated to study everyday and not procrastinate should attend this school because the classes are run on six week sessions and you will go to class at least four days a week.


The type of student that would attend Spalding University is a student that needs small classroom environment. One that can keep up with the fast past of the accelerated program of six week sessions. This student would have to be self - motivated in studying and staying focused on their studies.


Someone who is focused on getting a degree for a specific career or someone who is looking for an education without all the other troubles of major universities involving social life


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who understands that school is very important. This school is very intense. We have 6 week sessions, which are very intense. The teachers require you to understand quite a bit, and one needs to know that a lot will be expected of you.