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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear high school Hanna, What ever you do, don't base your future on the relationships that you currently have. Most of the relationships that you have now will not be relevent a few years from now. Work hard in school, get the best grades you can, and learn as much as you can! Apply for as many scholarships that you can, college is not cheap! Save money now, and stay at home as long as you can! Money is scarce when you are a college student. Find a hobby or an extracurricular activity that you enjoy. It is a way to meet people, and you wont sound lazy or boring when you are filling out college applications. Your friends are more important than boyfriends, actually, dump your boyfriend. When you are applying to colleges, choose Spalidng University! You wont have to go through so many trial runs at different colleges and you will get out faster. One last thing, you will choose nursing as your profession, so base your future on that! Don't let anyone tell you what to do, except Mom. You will learn, Mom is always right! Love, College Junior Hanna


The most important piece of advice I would give myself is that life is a journey and to enjoy it. Stop looking ahead and worrying so much. You’ll be fine as long as you take the second piece of advice; and that is to develop good study habits now so you can achieve your goals. It’s really important to study and develop good study habits. You’re not going to be able to do the bare minimum and cram and still get good grades. The pace is much quicker and the competition to get into the health science programs is fierce. Do it now so that you can hit the ground running and not feel left behind. You won’t believe this but it’s true; those study skills will transfer into so many other parts of your life, you will be amazed. Setting aside time, planning, preparing, focusing, pacing yourself, seeking out other resources, and following through with action are all life skills that studying helps you with. You will make your life so much easier if you get the basics down now, so that later you can soar like an eagle with nothing holding you down.


Hello highschool senior version of myself, Congratulations on making it this far in school, but the time when you graduate from highschool is still just the beginning of your bright future. As the college verison of myself, I am here to talk to you about the good, the bad, and the ugly of college life. First of all it is important to attend a college that will help you in any major you would like to be in. Also, the decision to live on campus can be tough, especially if you think you could be home sick. Also if you every decide to attend a college party, your safety is the number one priority, which means you and other people should always make responsible and respectful decisions. Financially paying for college is another story. The good news is grants, scholarships, loans, and KEYS money can be a big help. You'll also meet a variety of professors as you learn your studies during your two or four years at the college. One of the best characteristics about college life is finding your independence in the world and knowing what kind of successful individual you would like to be.


If I could go back in time to my senior year I would probably tell myself, "Never let the things that don't matter degrade the things that do. In conclusion, don't forget about tomorrow when you're thinking about giving up on yesterday." The thing is, college is a very important part of higher education. We shouldn't allow its importance to drain out our engery, so let us not get stressed out by everything! The things we believe we need to know we actually don't figure it out until we get into college. I made the mistake of stressing out instead of enjoying the fun I could of had for my senoir year Also, you should study what interests you even when you don't know what you want to do. No body knows right of what they want to do as a career for the rest of their lives. I suggest going into the area that interests you and then you'll eventually find your muse. Most importantly, travel, do anything, just live, because you have the rest of your life for settling, college is just a small part of it.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would tell myself to take every class in college seriously. I would warn myself that psychology is a very important class and that I need to get enough sleep and not to play video games so often. Also I would warn myself to not be mislead into thinking a high school friend going to college with you is a great thing and that the friendship is real. I would really encourage myself to hold on to the merit schoolarship and no matter how hard Math 113 gets, don't give up and seek extra help if the current help isn't working. Most importantly I will tell myself to eat, excercise and sleep more so my days won't seem so discouraging.


Follow your heart while being conscious of viable careers in the real world. Take notes, and do your best.


If i could go back in time, i would say to myself that this is my last year and i have to work harder before going to colleges. I should work hard every year in high school. Because when you are moving on to college, everything is different from high school. You have to accept everythings that the professor giving you, especially homeworks. Doesent matter how many classes you are taken, your going to have homework every day after classes. So i better take this seriously before i'm heading out to college or a university. I know going to college is going to be a big challenge for me. So I should listening to teachers while i'm still in high school, because everythings that they try to teach me is going to be the things that i needed for college. I should never disappointed with my teacher for giving me too much homework or having to write a lot in classes. I should keep an open mind that the tearchers are giving all these things because it will help me going to a university and college. I have to work hard and accomplish my goal.


Hi Kaylan, I see that you are a senior in highschool and are probably wondering what college life will be like. I promise to give you my best advice so that you can feel comfortable about making this life changing transition. As a freshman in college one of the biggest task you will take on is to prioritize. From experience, I have learned that you can have an education and a social life, if you learn to manage your time. Don't forget that procastination is your enemy ; so get organized, be positive and get to it. Also one of your biggest expenses, will be book for classes. You do have options to purchase them such as buy new ones, rent, used ones, or order online. Also, find a campus map to use until you know your way around campus. To avoid putting on way during your first year of college exercise, reduce stress, avoid liquid calories, keep healthy snacks in your dorm room, and plan your meals. When you finally go off to college, you will have a chance to be independent so remember to make wise use of your time and take care of yourself. Good luck.


I would tell myself that college is hard work, but by no means is it scary. Compared to high school, there is a much higher concentration in your studies, rather than the social caste system found so often in high school. I would also tell myself that compared to high school, you really have to apply yourself and think critically, but you can feel yourself learning and growing as a student. The work is intensive, but with so many classes relating to what you want and need to learn, you enjoy working to better yourself. Essentially, I would tell myself to embrace the fact that I am going to school, as it is there that I have felt such achievement and growth as a person, even in the little time that I have been there.


As a high school senior I was unfocused and un-motivated. I struggled emotionally and was not interested in school. If given the opportunity to go back to my senior year of high school I would seek counsel from a professional who could help me understand the grief of losing a parent. I would develop a plan of action to rise my grades and get more involved in extra curricular activities . Lastly, I would work with professionals to develop strategies for academic success (i.e., time managament resources, study skills, modified assignments). Overall, I would use all my resources to stay focus and always ask for help when needed. As I look back 17 years ago to my senior year, I realize I didn't know how to communicate my needs both academically and emotionally. I would tell the former me that, "it gets better." It may have taken my 17 years to understand "me" but now that I understand, I can now help other students as a special educator.


I would tell myself to study hard and take time to think about what career you want to pursue after graduation. So many high school students blow off their four years of high school without realizing that high school is meant to prepare yourself for college and the future. Take advantage of your available resources in school and create a good relationship with your teachers and counselors because they know a lot about college and are more than willing to help and give advice.


The advice I would give myself, if I went back in time would be to not settle and instead explore. Early on in high school I thought I had chosen my profession and although it was something I loved and was ambitious about it, I was closed minded about other career options. If time travel were possible, I would approach myself, while creating my art and say, “Cory, I know this is what you love to do. You can go off into another world painting and drawing and come out with original work that you are proud of, but don’t you want more for yourself? You wanna show your art to the world, but you also love helping people. Explore different ways of achieving this and don’t settle for being another starving artist. Differentiate yourself from the others and use your artistic talent, to not just pay the bills. I’m not saying don’t be a full-time artist, just be open to other avenues of your passion.” This is what I would tell myself, not with my voice as parent might do, but painted on canvas, so as best to reach my high school self.


"Everything happens for a reason." As much as we refer to this phrase, we all figure it is some sort of cliche to provide an excuse for why things happen. After reaching my senior year in college, I realize that everything that happened to me in high school was the fuel that I needed to push me into my destiny. So, if I could go back and talk to myself in high school, I would simply say, "trust God in all things. Allow yourself to make as many mistakes as possible, and THIS time, don't feel sorry for yourself afterwards." As far as advice, all I would tell myself is "refuse to take no as an answer, and everything you want MUST be worked for."


While high school wasn't exactly the best time ever. College is a new beginning. Get inviled in activities, but don't overwhelm yourself. Go to the tutoring center as much as possible because math and science classes are much harder now, and slacking is not an option this time. Be talkative and friendly but don't be obnoxious. Major in what you want, not what others tell you to do. Get involved in Cru Harper, you will remember what it means to be a Christian again ,and the people are really nice. Please don't procrastinate and don't cut class. Missing 1 day of class in college is like being gone for 2 weeks. Harper is Awesome! Enjoy it and take advantage of the opprotunities here!


You definately do not want to go to a large school. You want to go somewhere where the teachers will call you by name. When you have a question you will be able to ask it right then and not wait till office hours to ask about something that was discussed in lecture. In college it will be very important that you get to know your proffesor and aren't scared to ask questions about something you are having trouble with. Make sure you go somewhere where their isn't a teachers assistant who you will be talking with when you need help make sure you will have a personal relationship with your proffesor and that they will be there for you to guide you through this crazy journey.


i am a people person and like to learn. i enjoy being around others although at times i may not understand some assignments or the text i can get the help i need by simply talking with the professor or going to the library and doing the research or gietting together in a study group.


Actually learn! I know it is hard to actually sit down and study and hammer the information into your brain, but it will benefit you so much in college! Memorizing the information will get you through the test or quiz, but will not help you in the long run. If you take the time to learn it now, maybe you won't have to put so much effort into it later. So the wisest advice I could give you is do the work now and don't wait. Practice on doing your work the day before it's do and don't procrastinate, because if you do in college, you will deffinetly struggle.


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself while a high school senior, I would tell her to just focus and not give up. During my senior year in high school I was thrown into so many obstacles, and instead of just holding on, I just wanted to give up and be someone else. I would go back and tell her that the grades that she made freshman and sophomore year would not define her once she got out of high school. I would tell her that the problems going on within herself and others around her were only temporary, and that one day she would be rid of the issues and be stronger than ever before. I would tell her that even though she didn’t receive many scholarships or help (senior year), she would eventually be a part of a college that invested in her and her education, so she didn’t have to have a big load on her shoulders. I would tell her to not stress about senior year, but to focus on her future in college, because she will eventually be very close to where she always wanted to be.


I wish that I would have listen to my high school advisors about going to college, because college life gives a person the life freedom that is need to succeed.


College life is going to be very different from anything that you have ever experienced. You are going to find yourself around people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and philosphies on life. Please, always remember why you are there. It will appear to be a lot like a social club, but it is not. You may sometimes feel like you are alone, with no one to turn to; but you are not. This is your opportunity to grow as a human being, to develop your own personality, apart from family and familiar faces. Choose wisely. You can be reckless with your new found freedom, and pay for it the rest of your life, or you can make mature, responsible choices and get the quality education now that will lay the foundation for a limitless and rewarding future. The choice is yours. I believe in you. I know that you have the qualities of a leader, not a follower. Use those qualities to determine your destiny. Let it be a destiny that will empower those who will follow in your footsteps. Prove to yourself, and to t he world that you can, and you will be a success.


While I've not been to college yet at age 42, I would tell myself that I need to take high school very serious. Caring about your subjects and grades are way more important than I ever thought they would be. I would also tell myself to make sure you do find ways to get to college. Don't wait until you are a mom of 42 with 4 kids. While I am more mature now, it is harder to get things going. You have to find ways to juggle school and a family. Be smart, get good grades and GO TO COLLEGE when you are young! If you can't afford it, search high and low for scholarships and grants. Don't assume just because your parents don't have the money that you can't get a college degree. Work hard now so you can do your job and relax later.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the main thing i would tell myself is to stay focused and do not lose track of your goals because of all the free time you have. In college there is really alot of free time not because there is nothing to do, but because it is your decision whether you want to get up and go and you can make the free time for yourself. Also in college it is easy to lose focus because you can basically do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. Students do not have to go to class, and that is where us as students tend to understand and lose focus. So basically that is all I would go back and tell myself because those two things to me are the easiest to come upon and flunk out of college. One more piece of advice i would tell myself is too remember to have fun, to enjoy what you are doing because a real college experience only comes once in a lifetime.


I would tell myself to go to college right after high school. It is so much easier and you will enjoy the experience more. Once you have financial and family commitments, you have to put work/family first and education second. Definitely go while education can be first. It will help you get a job that you truly enjoy. Also, you will get more of the college experience by going to school full-time such as becoming involved in different clubs and organizations. It's harder to go back and become involved.


I would describe my college experience so far as enlightening. Over the past four semesters I have found that involving myself in activities and social situations has helped me to grow as an individual. All the while, I have learned not only how to have fun but also how to truly learn. When most people think of college, they think it's all about homework and studying, but I actually believe that it is more about learning to experience a new lifestyle, while being put into real world situations. I believe that college is something that everyone needs to experience. It is such a crucial part of my life and I know that my future is bright!


What I have gotten out of college is to absolutely live life to the fullest and life is not only about being responsible. To enjoy college and the full college life! To be independent and do things on my own for once in my life. To meet new people and enjoy the whole true college experience.


Making amazing friends and getting an education that I am using today has been so worthy of the time I spent in college. I am a teacher and I would never have met these children and had the impact on their lives that I do without going to college and getting the education that I did.


When I am able to get my BSN, it will change my and mt family's life. I plant to continue on to get my nurse practioner.


College has been an interesting experience for me. I attended a Community College for the first couple of years and have learned to not take on more then I can handle. College is so important and without I've seen that you can't go too far in this world. My college experience so far has been rewarding, demanding and uplifting. Rewarding in the way of a new experience and a new way of life. Demanding in the way of constant pressure to keep you grades up and do the best that you can do and uplifting in the way that I've become a better, hard working person all the way around. Having to constantly be the best I can be in school and keeping my grades in check, my life outside of college has drastically changed. I couldn't ask for anything better


I have received alot out of my college experience. The reason I say that is because I am an older student who appreciates the priviledge to go back to school at the age of 42. I have received a new meaning of the word EDUCATION. I have a 21 year old son, and he oftens tells me that I study way too much. I tell him that when I was his age I did not take my education as serious as I should have. I could have chose other schools that were bigger but, I chose Spalding because of its unique Social work program. I have been a student for more than 5 years here. The reason it has taken me so long is because I work full-time, swing shift at a chemical plant. You see I am blessed to be given another chance at pursuing a dream I have of graduating some day, with a degree that can help others as well as myself.


I have gotten so much out of college I don;t know where to begin. Spalding has given me confidence in myself. I truly look forward to getting up and going to Spalding. I feel it has made me mature, and more responsible. I love going to Spalding, I want to do well, I want succeed. I feel so motivated by the Professors and fellow students. I just feel I have a place to shine, for me to be proud of myself. Proud of my college. I have to work hard and reallyt apply myself to get good grades. I feel I have the drive to succeed in life.


Well, since I am working on my second bachelor's degree after graduating with a biology degree that I have yet to use, I would give myself alot of advice. First of all, have a plan B and take classes to prepare you for your alternate career path, just in case you decide to not follow your original path. Secondly, I would tell myself to follow your first instinct. For example, if you know that you belong in healthcare, then never stray too far from your goals. Take advantage of any opportunity to broaden your horizons because right after high school is the time to explore before you have the responsibilities of a family and bills. Also, it is a good idea to start building a resume of work experience in a field related to your major while you are in college and you should network whenever possible. Do not let anyone discourage you from the path that you know that you are destined to take. If you face an obstacle in your path, just take the time to figure out what you need to do to get pass that obstacle and be successful. Good Luck!


I would tell myself to be open in the beginning. People are all going through the same thing when you go to college, so you aren't alone. That is the main thing I wish I had understood. It would have made the transition alot easier and allowed me to grow closer to people quicker. Another thing is not to give up to quickly. It takes time for everyone to settle in so people may not be themselves at the beginning.


Dear Megan, It's you, one year into your future. I know you're enjoying only having one semester of left of high school but it's time to buckle down a little and pick a college. The process of picking out a college is pretty scary but you really can't make a wrong choice. You should pick out a college to play soccer and get some of the basics out of the way before you find a major you enjoy. The best advice I can give you is to fill out as many scholarship applications as possible. I know you are only considering tuition as a cost but textbooks average to about one hundred fifty dollars. That's just for one. You'll be taking at least five classes per semester, you do the math. I know I just dropped a huge stress load but I also want you to relax a little. No matter what college you pick it won't effect the rest of your life. I know you'll do great things. Enjoy the rest of high school. Sincerely, Megan


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure that I understood that college life is very different that high school. You are expected to take care of yourself and turn your assignments in on time. There are no grace periods and teachers reminding you of assignments. You need to learn to be very organized and learn good study habits. Your time is very valuable and you need to use it wisely. Don't wait until the last minute to finish an assignment. College assignments are much more detailed than any high school assignment. Learn how to use your resources and make sure you take great notes. Most professors put their notes on blackboard so you need to make sure to print them out and study them. You are considered an adult once you enter college and you need to start learning to act like one. You are the only one responsible for your actions, not your parents. Stay out of the "college life" parties and keep your grades up. With this advice, you can suceed in college and in life.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would say to focus on yourself and no one else. By focusing on other people, I felt the pressure to choose a school that would please everyone else around me and as result of that, I had to leave the college I chose and then apply to a school that really fit my needs. By going through that experience, I was able to understand myself on a deeper level. I would also tell myself to not limit my options and go to every single college campus tour I could and to fully understand the place I would be spending the next four years of my life. By doing these two things, I believe I would have chosen the right college for me the first time around, and not the second time. Thankfully, I wasn't out of college for very long, so I didn't lose much time, but without having that experience I wouldn't have ended up at the college I'm at today.


Make sure you know and understand what you are getting yourself into. Each student should develop a 5 and 10 year plan that way they aren't going to school and wasteing time and money but instead working toward a goal.


I would tell them to try to find a school with good academic programs. I would advise them to make sure they talk to several people on the campus before deciding to attend the school. You want to make sure that they have reliable faculty and people who want to help you. Also you want to make sure that they are willing to help you with financial aid because otherwise it can get very expensive


Be true to yourself and listen to your heart.


Selecting a college that offers the maximum agenda in the student's field of interest is the first priority. Size of college, ratio of student to instructor and cost are also major factors. Being comfortable in one's surroundings often determines the level of success. Participation in campus activities is paramount to being secure and motivated on campus. Picking a college that provides job placement in today's environment will assure the essential experience to further one's career. Making the most of a college is always up to the student and often lays the groundwork for the rest of their career. Doing the homework on colleges will make or break--


The advice to students for making the right choice for college is to be certain that you want to go to college. Next have an idea of what it is you would like to do as a career, then began to look for colleges or universities that would help you get a degree or certification in that desired field. For the most part, take in consideration if you want to live close to home, if want to go away, and most importantly consider the cost of the schools whether you live on campus or off campus. The advice for parents, consider the college or university that will help in the degree that the student wants to obtain for their career choice. The parent should consider whether their will be any financial aid to assist with the tuition. Check the college for scholarship information that the student will be eligible to apply. See if the colleges close to home will benefit as oppose to others that are not close to home. Parents should contact counselors at the high school to see about state grants and programs for in-state tuition assistance. Always check the internet scholarship websites for eligible applications


Don't Rush!


Make sure that the college that you want to attened is right for you. Make sure they have your major that you want to take in college. Try to find out how much it will cost you in order for you to get your degree. See if they offer campus housing. And see if they are a big or small college.


When searching for a college you want to make sure it will fit your personality, location, and budget. You will represent that college not just for two to four years but for the rest of your life. Have no regreats when picking a college, have fun and I wish you the best of luck! If you give college your all and be 100% devoted you will succeed!


I would tell the parents/students that research their colleges before they attend it. I would also say to visit the campus without a guide. The reason being is that when you are on a guided tour, you get to see the campus under normal circumstances. That way you can decide if you like the campus or not. Another thing to do is to join as many clubs and organizations as you can. It will all help you in the long run when you are trying to get a job. It gives you experience that is very helpful. Also, I would say to make as many friends as possible, because they help you when you are stressed. This allows for a better college experience. That is what I would tell the students/parents about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience.