Spalding University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love my school because the level of friendliness and support throughout is astounding. In my high school, I felt that everyone was a face or a number. You really just had to fit yourself into a space and work on your own. At Spalding, however, both the students and teachers are very personal. They give very helpful and properly assessed critiques and work with you to improve yourself. You're not afraid to ask questions and include yourself in discussions, since you really connect to your professor and classmates.


The best thing about Spalding University is their six week sessions. I really like this because it allows the students to focus on one or two classes at a time. I think that this leads to better grades and better students.


I believe my schools willingness to help is their best attribute. Spalding has a small campus size, so they are more one on one and they have more resources, so that it's almost impossible for you to fail. The teachers know you by your name and are there for you after hours if you need any assistance with the work that they provide. Although, the course load is rigorous I have learned so much from attending Spalding and I feel more prepared for the real world.


I entered Spalding through the Adult Accelerated Program (AAP). This is an excellent program for older persons who recognize the benefit of life long learning. The courses are challenging and the professors both knowledgeable and supportive. I would encourage anyone who is able to financially manage it to attend Spalding University's AAP.


They offer a program for Adult Learners. This program allows students to work while attending school. It is set-up in 6-week sessions which allow you to obtain your degree faster than a traditional program.


It is a very small university, so the student teacher raio is fantastic. Some teachers are really great and truly care about their students.


The best thing about Spalding is the education I am getting. Spalding is a wonderful Catholic enviroment. I love God and I am so fortunate so attend a religious college. The best thing about Spalding is the Proffessors.