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John Jay College of Criminal Justice has a lot of diversity and offers a lot of majors that captured my attention. The energy that people in the offices and administration have is really welcoming. They make it easy for me to ask questons and feel like they are paying attention to me. The upperclassmen are also very welcoming to new students and help guide them as older siblings. The teachers also do a good job with mentoring the freshman and helping us with whatever we may need.


I'm still looking for a College.


The most unique aspect of Hunter College is, by far, the diversity of students. In any given class one may have a multicultural melting pot that is representative of New York City's diversity and the world as a whole. Not only are classes diverse in terms of ethnic groups; but also there is diversity in age, education level and background. This diversity comtributes greatly to the learning environment; students feed-off eachothers knowledge to expand their academic endeavors. It is fantastic!