Spanish-American Institute Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


To attended Hunter College, one should be ready to commit to attending school, working hard and setting time aside to complete the work that is given by the professors. You must be very committed to your goals (major and the classes you are going to take). There are many deadlines and you have to be responsible for meeting them. You have to be passionate about your major in order not to lose interest in your dream and also so that you can meet people that have equal passion. Then more passion develops and this keeps you motivated until graduation.


Hunter College is located in Manhattan, which is one of busiest cities in the world. This leads to many other consequences. Being that its busiest, its very loud. If a person does not like being about so many people, I would say this college is not for him/her. Here, everyone runs on a tight schedule with very less time for socialization. If a person loves to drive to school and not use public transportation, then this could hold them back too since its pretty hard to get around with a car.


I will attend to City College this Spring 2011 to do a Master Degree based on Early Childhood Education. City College is an environment in which all kind of people can get in, such as undergraduate and graduate students.


Anyone that wants to make a difference in the world. Your heart must tell you that The "Human Services" field is for you. Alot of people enroll and think that this is the career that they want. However when they enter the work field, a very large percentage of the people find out that they can't handle the stresses that come along with finding solutions for other peoples issues all day every day. The teachers help you understand and find out where your heart is in the first semester so that you dont waste your time or money.