Spartanburg Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student not sure what their major in, and for a easy transition either back into the college insitutions or first time.


Committed. A person needs to be committed to themself. A person has to have the desire to learn and then the motivation to stay committed.


Spartanburg Community College would be an excellent choice for students seeking a two year degree , or for those who may want to affordably complete their prerequistes in order to transfer to a full four year college. The college offers an array of programs as well as retraining programs for dislocated workers.


I am the perfect example of a non-traditional student! Spartanburg Community College has been a perfect fit for me to work towards obtaining my associate of arts so that i may transfer to a four year university to complete my degree. The teachers and advisors are wonders and they go out of their way to ensure success for their students. There are also organizations within the college itself that help non-traditional students with book purchase, tutoring, techinical experience and many other opportunities. It it weren't for Spartanburg Community College, I wouldn't have made it this far!


Although, I attend a community college at the moment students who should attend this school should be very hardworking and determined. Just because it is a community college the academic structure is the same as a university. A student should be prepared to be focused on their field of study in order to succeed at my school.


People who have set goals and are going to acheive them no matter what. The proffesors expect the best from their students, and if you haven't set goals for yourself then you may not succeed. Also people who have drive and always give their best would be great students for this school.