Spartanburg Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go to class! Seriously not showing up even one day can hinder you so bad in some subjects. Break up your days of studying and actually take it seriously. It is easy if you put your mind into it but dont let anything get in your way!. Also make friends in college get out there and meet new people you only get one chance in school make it count! Dont spend your time in your dorm room skipping class to play video games or worried about your girlfriend that is accross the state. You have to look out for you and these classes are a breeze. The better you do the less stressed you will be!


The advice I would give myself would be push myself to the best I can be and to always try. I believe that is important because giving up without even trying is no effort. In the college life, I always have to push myself because I’m preparing for my own future and what I want to become but in order to do that, I need to always try my best and always push my myself with positive thoughts. I wouldn’t procrastinate because it just puts more stress on myself. The faster I get things done, the more I can do other things I need to do. Another advice is to never give up because in my opinion, if you want something really bad, you have to fight for it no matter how hard it will be or how long or even what obstacles it puts you through. Anything is possible if you fight for it and never give up. Having time-management is also important because you want to have time for school work, other things in life, and also your own personal life. Those advice will help a lot in high school, college, and life after college.


I think this is funny, because I wrote a blog about going back in time to talke to my younger self. If I could communicate with my seventeen self I think the person I was would have passed out (in shock.) Left alone in the nurses office after I had awaken from my shock I hope I read the note in my pant's pocket. Dear Gloria, I am sorry I scared you. I had one chance to come back and tell you some pretty important stuff. Consider me a genie who has granted you three wishes: --Join the military (it was one thing you never regretted) --Do marry that guy in Charleston (you and he will divorce but you will get two terrific kids) --Go after your education while in service and get your degree. One more think if you tell anybody about this they might lock you up in a nut house. Sincerely, You (me) Gloria


"Gail, please listen to me." Even though you are about to give birth to your first son, it's still possible to go on to college and get a good education. I understand that may seem hard, but working dead end jobs, living paycheck to paycheck to provide for a family will be much harder without a college education. You have done well in school the last twelve years, and you cannot give up on your dreams because circumstances in your life have changed. The child's father doesn't want you to go on to college because of his own insecurities. You cannot let another person make this decision for you. There are programs that will help you financially while you are in school. Also, college is flexible, you can take classes part time while you work full time or vice versa. An education is something that noone can ever take away from you. It would also be the best gift you could ever possibly give yourself and your children.


Oh My Goodness! If I could turn back the hands of time! I would tell myself the things that I have told myself over and over and that I'm trying diligently trying to instill in my 11 year old son. I became involved in a romantic relationship as a junior in high school and became pregnant as a senior. In one year I became a full time wife and mother and still had to find a "real" job while completing my high school diploma. I know that God has a plan for my life (Jer 29:11), but I also know that God allowed me to go through major trials and suffering to make me the person I am today. I would tell myself and anyone willing to listen that love and the "idea" of it isn't all you need to survive! Education is so vitally important to your future. Enjoy your high school career, but make good choices. Live...really live while your parents are there to love , support you and provide your care...and love them in return! The future is wide open. Make every moment count! There are no second chances in life!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have a few important points to convey. The first point would be to stress that life should not revolve around financial gains or materialistic items. I would advise myself to focus on continuing education after graduation and not immediately jump into the money hungry business world. I would explain how entering the full-time working world straight out of high school would affect my future- how I would spend ten unsatisfying years working in a cubicle before deciding that my priorities lie in contributing to a better society and not how much money I could earn. I would explain how difficult it will be at that point to find time and money to attend school and to obtain a degree . I would also explain how waiting to complete my college education would also affect my potential family life. Attending college as a thirty year old adult will hinder my ability to have children and a husband due to time and financial constraints. Senior year is a very important year in your life, so make sure your decisions support your priorities and dreams!


I would tell myself to be prepared for a whole new world. As a high school senior I tended to slack off and still passed easily without even having to try too much. I would tell myself that the college experience isn't so simple. I would also teach myself to go ahead and practice studying everyday, and also get out of the habit of procrasinating because it is a "not so easy" habit to break. Time management would be another big issue I'd discuss with myself. In high school it's all "play now, work later." Entering college it is difficult to tell your friends you cannot go out tonight and stay at home and study. If I would have only practiced what I'm preaching now when I was a senior the whole college transition woud have been a lot easier. I would warn the old me to be prepared of the fact that teachers no longer "hold your hand" and walk you through everything by making sure you turn all of your assignments in on time. You grow up in college, which is something I wish I would have known to do as a senior.


If I could go back to my senior year and give my self advice, I would start by telling myself that I really need to look into colleges, apply, and tour them. It is important to go to a college that will make you happy and you will have an enjoyable experience but also get your education too. I would tell myself to visit any and every college that I thought I may enjoy. Also I would tell myself to apply and reapply for scholarships they really do help out and make a difference, no matter what the amount. Roommates are tricky but just try to make the best of the experience and remember it isn't a permanent fix. And most of all I would tell myself to eat lots and get nice and plump because college food is not good at all. One last word of advice to myself would have been to really enjoy the moments with those friends because they do end and you do lose touch with your friends.


If I could go back twenty four years to when I was a high school senior, my words to myself would be: Even though, you are already married and you are fixing to give birth to your first child you can still find a way to go to college. Your future depends on a higher education and without it the chances of you settling into a career with gainful employment opportuntities are slim. In order to make a brighter future for yourself and your children it is imperative that you continue with your education. Otherwise you will be working at menial jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck. Knowledge is power and of all the material things that people can take away from you your education is something that nobody will ever be able to rob you of. So go and find a way regardless of what sacrifices you have to make it will be worth it in the end when you are able to get a great job doing something that you enjoy.


I would go back and tell myself to take some time and really think about what college to attend and to seriously consider taking some time off of school to unwind. I spent the biggest part of my life trying to figure out what i wanted to do. If I had done this then I would save a lot of time and money chasing a career.


My advice to myself would be to stay in college. Don't give up just because things seem impossible at the time. In five or ten years, or even 25 years as in my case, you will look back and see how much easier college would have made your life. The transition from high school to college is nothing compared to a transition into the real world without enough education. And although college expenses do add up very quickly, there are people out there that are willing to help you get that education if you are willing to do your part. Ask and ye shall receive...