Specs Howard School of Media Arts Top Questions

What should every freshman at Specs Howard School of Media Arts know before they start?


I would tell myself to get to know my professors by attending office hours, staying after lecture to chat with them more and participate more in lecture classes. That way, it would be less challenging to requests letter-of-reccomendations because my professors would have a better understanding of who I am and vice versa. Also, I would suggest that if within the first two weeks of classes that I did not find a class appealing or found it diffcult to sit through, to drop the class immediately. By dropping the class or swapping it for a new class, I could save myself the trouble of possibly failing the course, especially if I am not taking the course as a pass/fail.


Don't waste any time on "trying to figure out" what you want to do. It may seem like you have "time" to find what you want to do, but if I could have planned ahead I would have. Figure out what you want out of school, and do it. Time is really never on your side, you must grasp the oppurtunity to better your education while you are able to. Lifes too short to waste your education and for those who are wasting away their oppurtunities at hand, Id be glad to take over and use it for my own benfit than to see it go to waste.


Regretfully, the year of 2003, I did not complete my senior year of highschool. After unsuccessfully trying to go back in 2004, and trying to complete an adult education program later in 2004, I finally returned to obtain my GED in 2005. For myself, I didn't complete my highschool education until I was entirely ready to give it my all. If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, knowing what I know now, things probably wouldn't have changed. I will admit that I was a very stubborn teen, and didn't take much advice from people, no matter how helpful. Although it would have been better for me to have done things right the first time, I feel that I am in a better position NOW to return to school than I would have been THEN. After 5 years of being absent from a classroom, today, I am more mature in my mind set when it comes to my schooling. I value education more now than I did as a teenager, and therefore feel that I will be MORE successful in pursuing my education now as oppose to have done so at age 18.