Spelman College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Spelman is best know for having a great graduation rate and for being one of the top predominatley black all female schools.


Spelman College is best known for the number one Historically Black College in the United States. We are a school of excellence and only promote the best academically and socially.


My school is known for promoting the education for women of african american women. Its best known major is biology.


My school is best known for producing powerful, successful, and intelligent African-American women. Spelman College was founded in 1881 as a historically black instution for African-American women. It's original purpose was to provide African-American women with a great education and a platform to grow into young, professional women in a Caucasian dominated society. 133 years later my institution has continued to uphold it's original purpose and established a reputation world-wide. African-American women such as, Michelle Obama and Oprah WInfrey, have visited and spoken at our school to provide inspiration and to be inspired.


Spelman College is known for being the #1 HBCU educating women that are ready to change the world through service and their careers. Spelman teaches each woman that their skin is beautiful and their thoughts are worth being said aloud while fostering sisterhood.


My school is known for many things, but most importantly they are known for being a factory of greatness. Spelman College is known for producing women that are typically second-to-none. If they are not a doctor or a lawyer, they are a successful professional in some field.


Spelman is best known for creating a legacy of excellence for black women.


Spelman College is best known for their prestige and their sisterhood. We as an instituion are always ranked within the top ten of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Spelman College is one of the best liberal arts schools in the country and graduates some of the brightest African American women. Spelman is also very big on keeping their well known tradition alive to continue the level of prestige in the country.

Jordyn Nicole

My school is best known for it's promise to build strong free-thinking African American women. Ultimately, Spelman is known and continues to be remembered by its enormous network. By this, I am referring to the amazing alumnae and it's reputation. Spelman College, the name holds weight across the globe. The illustrious institution can be given credit for the successes of many African American Women since it's founding in 1881. Spelman women were at the forefront during the Civil Rights Movement, along with Morehouse College and Atlanta University, now Clark Atlanta. Spelman breeds the best.


Free thinking women who will change the world for the better.


My school is best known for it being an all womens historically black college. My college stresses giving back to not just our community but the world through impeccable service.


My school is best known for being the number one Historically Black College.


Spelman College is best known for the amount of African American women who graduate with jobs. These are not just mediocre jobs, rather Spelman women are doctors, lawyers, actresses, CEOs , and more. In today's society it is not promised that every graduate will be able to find a job. Spelman makes sure each of us have the necessary experience and education so that we will be competitive when searching for a career.


Sisterhood and Service and being the NUMBER ONE HBCU!


My school is best known for being and all girls school and being ranked as the number one historically black college in America.


Spelman College is best known for their attitude towards enpowering women through eduation. Their science center is well known for their accomplishments along with the technology (and teachers) that are apart of Spelman College. This school has a tremedous amount of science supplies and technologies that allows it's students to become familiar with the technology that is actually used in their desired profession.


My school is known for being the number one HBCU in the country. Spelman is also known for its high integrity and graduation rates.


Spelman is best known for its community service participation. On campus, there are many student ran organizations that focus on community service acts to help the community or to create global initiatives. At Spelman, we capitalize on giving to others as others have given to us. We have programs and organizations that deidcate on average 20-30 hours a week of community service. We even hold clothing drives to help the unfortunate. We foucs on giving back and changing lives.


My school is best known for educating strong african american woman who enter the work force.


My school is best known for its liberal arts education geared towards young, African-American women. Our curriculum is one surrounded around informing and giving us, the students, the proper skills to "CHANGE THE WORLD". My school is so special because we have a unique oppurtunity to be in an enviroment specific to our race and learn about our ancestors from the African-American woman's perspective from those who have come before us. The college is BEST known for its prestige, and being the Number ONE HBCU (Historically Black College or University) in the United States of America.


Providing a liberal arts education to african american women


Spelman College is best known for its ability to produce women who are strong in their perspective fields of study as well as strong-willed.


Spelman is known for America's oldest historical black college for women.


My school is best known for the uplifting or inspiring young women of color to be successful in life. They are recognized as the number one HBCU who has the highest graduation rate all around. They are known for their pose, class, and honorary scholars who are looking to have a bright future and career.


HBCU for black women Change and Political action


Spelman College is best known for its scholarship and great academics. It is also known to produce some of the best women that this counrty has to offer.


My school is one of two historically black all women colleges. My school is known for its outstanding acedemics, and extreamly intellegent women who are abreast on world issues that are ready to make a difference and change the world. Among the African American community Spelman College is seen as prestigious, and attended by women from well-groomed and well-connected African American families who are privilaged and who will, with their superb education allow their children to be privilaged as well because of the success they will attain due to their Spelman education.


Spelman College is best known for being an African-american and black private college. Most of the students come to the school because of the strong networking and connections AUC (Morris Brown, Morehouse, Clark Atlanta) and beyond.


Top black women seeking to change the world.


Its reputation of producing the world's largest number of African American women Professionals.


The Atlanta Jounal Consituiton has just named Spelman the #1 undergraduate school for alum students graduating with PHD's in the sciences. We are known to produce the most intelligent community based women in the nation.


Liberal Arts college for black women with very bright futures.


Graduating intelligent women of African descent. Most of my peers will complete graduate leevl education. Our graduates become leaders in their communities and change the world.


In 2007 Spelman College was rated the number one Historically Black College/ University (HUBC) in the Unites States. Our school is best know for the sisterhood of its students as well as the high standards that it expects of its students. We are a liberal arts college that seeks to nuture and support its current students as well as almuna. The women of Spelman College go on to become some of the most successful teachers, physicians, dentists, lawyers, researchers, and business women in the United States and abroad.


My school is best known for being the number one historically Black college in the country.


My school is the number one college for black students to attend.


my school is best known for their academic excellence.