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What is unique about Spelman College is that majority of the buildings still have most of its historical aestetics from when it was first built. Also, the traditions, such as the Brother-Sister Exchange with Morehouse College and the White Dress Ceremony on Founder's Day.


The most unique thing about Spelman College is that it is diverse. Even though Spelman is a Historically Black College and place for women of African descent, Spelman displays that Black women are not monolithic and stereotypical. We are come from different regions, countries, cultures, economical backgrounds, and family background.


Being that we are an all women's college, Spelman teaches us how to succeed and dominate in a society where we are not even considered competition. I am able to learn about my history in its pure state, and not the watered down version my other choices would have given me.


My school is unique because it is an all female liberal arts historically black college that ranks among some of the highest liberal art colleges in the nation. Through experience, I have witnessed first-hand of how Spelman has impacted the lives of women around the world. Although a historically black college, attendees include international women from the Caribbean, Europe, a plethora of African countries, Brazil, Thailand, etc. Spelman emphasizes that its students become leaders of social change and prepares its students for such roles.


Our school is ranked the number one Historically Black College/University in the country and prides itself on its unique vision. Spelman strives to form independent, strong, and educated women of African-American descent unlike any other . At Spelman College, students discover who they truly are. Presented with numerous opportunities for educational enrichment, Spelmanites are challenged to find new interests and augmenting their ability to bond with other young women over their commonalities. Not only this, but the sense of community and sisterhood at the college is overwhelming, building connections that last a lifetime.


Spelman College is number one amongst the nations other Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Spelman has been number one for many consecutive years because of its academic excellence. Spelman College is for women who want to change the world. Spelman is very unique, Spelman promotes and instills power in their students. They are producing tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, and leaders. I feel many courses offered and required for students to take here are unlike other colleges. For example, I have been learning my true history in an African Diaspora course at Spelman. Spelman promotes unity amongst students; a sisterhood.


It pushes the bkack woman to excel in a way that I have never seen before


Spelman College specifically focuses on the empowerment and education of young women. The curriculum includes courses that teaches students about their diverse history. Spelman nourishes the needs of young women and provides an environment that encourages women to be successful in every field, to always serve the community, and to adopt an awareness of global issues. Spelman not only academically educates its students, but also meets their needs emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. You are not just a student at Spelman College, you become a permanent member of a global sisterhood.


Most other schools to which I applied were much larger in size and population. Being an institution that is relatively smaller, Spelman provides an atmosphere in which students are allowed to develop more personal relationships with fellow students as well as professors. Also, Spelman has a sisterhood that can not be found anywhere else. I also think it is important that Spelman seeks to cater to the whole student - mentally, physically and spiritually - not just academically.


The major differences are that we are an all womens college and we are a historically black institution. Also, we have strict male visitation rules which are not common in most colleges.


Spelman College provides an environment for cultural development. iIt unmasks myths about African Americans that have been told for years. It is more than a building, it is a movement. It is a movement toward enlightenment and racial pride.


Commitment to the success and development of independent women.


The unique thing about Spelman College is it's ablilty to produce well rounded African American women.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is that this is an all girls, christian oriented, liberal arts institution. Very rarely would you get an opportunity to attend a unique school like this. At Spelman College we also have small classroom sizes whereas the professors could know every students by name. At other schools, the classroom sizes are very large , and it is very complicated to have that personal connection with the teacher to help understand the concept being taught.


Compared to other schools that I considred prior to my college career Spelman College was the only all girls liberal arts school that I considered. One of the reasons that I chose to attend this school is becuase of the profound sisterhood and traditions that is enriched in every aspect of the school. Spelman creates an environment filled with love and support and the Spelman legacy is one that is strongly rooted in our founders mission. Overall the sisterood is the most unique thing about Spelman becuase life long relationships are fostered within the Spelman gates.


Spelman College is like no other school in the world. It is an instituion specifically tailored to the nurturing and developing of intellectually competent black women who are gloabal leaders. This school is dedicated to empowering its students and equipping them with tools for success. Spelman also provides countless opportunities for its students to take part in and experience. The school also presents a wide range of exposure to information, ideals, opinions, etc. to create diverse and enriching learning environment.


Spelman is recognized nationally as a leading educator of African American women. Spelman is one of four undergraduate HBCUs to be awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society Spelman holds membership in the Coalition of Women’s Colleges, National Association of Schools of Music, National Council for the Association of Teacher Education, The College Fund/UNCF, and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. Spelman is ranked consistently in national publications as a best college buy among liberal arts, women’s and minority-serving colleges.


One the unique about my school compared to other schools is that my school tries to force their beliefs on their students. Spelman tries to force their beliefs of Christanity on the students however every student is not Christain. Spelman tries to push their ideas of feminism on their students however every student goal is not to bea feminist. Spelman tries to make their students believe that blaming rape on shameful actions they have committed that they feel bad about. Spelman likes to have insecure students come in so they have the ability to model them.


Spelman is unique because they teach young girls that they can become women who can change the world. They put us on this Spelman MILE (My Intergrated Learning Experience) which is a combination of curricular and co- curricular ecperiences. They encourage us, heavily, to study abroad, get internships and, do undergraduate resaerch. They also provide us with this unique course entitled ADW, which stands for African Diaspora and the World and it informs us on the historical and modern diasporas in the world and it analyzes the diffferences in identity, the construction of gender, race, ethnicity, class, and citizenship.


My school has a small classroom setting. The campus is small and every building has history behind it. There is a lot of tradition.There is a lot of interaction between the other schools in the AUC.


Spelman is a place where everyone is very driven to reach their desired goals. I have friends at the institutions I wanted to attend, yet their campus environment seems to lack the drive of Spelman students. Over the summer, most of them were on the couch at home or they graduated without job offers. They are receiving immaculate educations, but they seem to lack a path or the desire to fight to find that path. At Spelman, it is rare to find a student that is not a visionary for her own life.


My school is the number 1 HBCU and it is ranked as the school to have the most successful educated black women.


Being the top Historically Black College of the country, Spelman College provides its students with an invaluable education. An education recieved at Spelman is sought after by top companies and graduate institutions. Obtaining a degree at Spelman also allots the graduate with opportunities that could have possibly been ignored if one attened a Predominately White Institution (PWI). It caters to the specific needs of its students by offering career placement, reducing the student teacher ratio in efforts to maintain relationships and become familiar with names and faces, an element that is lost at a PWI as well.


This school provides opportunities to enhance learning and landing job roles.


Spelman College is a very unique school because of the extraordinary history and traditions surrounding the school. The small class sizes allows students and professors to know each other better and leads to a better learning enviroment. The school is all about siserhood and commnity service.

Janae Alessandra

It is a predomiantly black college as well as all female. This makes it a unique atmoshpere that fosters growth from like mided individuals.


Spelman is an all girl historically black college. The campus is small which allows a closer relationship between students, and between students and faculty. The size of the college is also great for commuting to and from classes and to various buildings in the Atlanta University Center. Spelman is well-known and respected around the country and receives much praise and accolades from a lot of people in high places who frequently take the time out to visit our illustrious school.


Spelman College, an all women school, is the number one historically black college. I considered schools such as Texas Christian University and University of Miami; none which I felt at home on the campus. Walking onto Spelman's campus I immediately fell in love with the energy, you could almost taste the closeness. Spelman's campus is a sisterhood and is filled with women all striving to be successful. The fact that everyone looked like me was a bonus.


The most unique thing about Spelman College is that they provide a close-knit campus where the classrooms are small enough so that every student recieves adequate attention, but large enough for their to be a nice variety of minds working together. The classrooms aren't too small where you hear the same three people's thoughts every single class, but they aren't too large where your own thoughts and ideas are ignored due to size.


My school is currently the number one Historically Black College/University (#1 HBCU) in the nation and was ranked second in the nation for placing African-American students into medical school. As soon as I stepped on campus for my first Spelman College tour, I was in love. The sisterhood is so great, you won't be without a support group and the professors (most) are actually here to help and many even form relationships with their students. The campus is small but very beautiful and the landscaping is always kept nicely from flowers to trees.


One thing that is really unique about my school would be the sisterly bond that we all share with one another, yet we are all so diverse.


The truth about Spelman is that they try to make us work in groups to try to build our sisterhood. However from my experience I have lost friends from group work and broken a sisterhood that could have been formed. So when you hear them talk about sisterhood it really boils down to this if you fit in you are in the sisterhood but if you don't find the other ones that don't fit and form your own sisterhood.


What was unique about Spelman was that it was a historically black all womans college. I chose the school so that i could learn more about my heritage and be able to see and learn about sucessful women of color of whom i could look to as role models


There are so many things about Spelman College that sets us apart from other schools. We are the #1 HBCU, all female school based on Christ, we have our very own hymn that we take very seriously, there are so many traditions that you will love and you get a private school education with a university feel because Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University are less than a mile away, we all make up The Atlanta University Center (AUC).


It is a perfect size and is just a few minutes away from the city. It is a historical black college for women.


What is unique about Spelman college is its broad range of academic opportunities. Ranked as the number one historically black college/university in the United States, Spelman College provides a phenomenal liberal-arts experience that its competitors cannot match. With various technological and educational advancements every year, Spelman College never fails to reinvent itself, creating an improved and long-lasting overall college experience.


The unique thing about Spelman is that it is a sisterhood. It is an all girl College and the bonds between Spelmanites is amazing. If you walk on the street wearing Spelman paraphernalia, people automatically approach you differently and have high expectations. Even though Spelman is an Historically Black College, it is so diverse on campus because everyone is from different states and live different lifestyles.


Spelman College takes pride in upholding the traditions of the school and providing the Black women that attend the institution with the resources needed to be successful and to reach academic excellence. My school is one of the two historically-black colleges for women. Spelman College presses to develop the students as intellects, free-thinkers, and activists for the 21st century. . Spelman's core values: sisterhood, ethical/leadership moral development, respect, balance, academic success, social justice, and diversity are unique in there purpose and expectations of the students that attend.


Spelman College is uique compared to other colleges/uiversities because it values sisterhood ad the impowerment of young women of all backgrounds but particulaily African American women. Spelman is a small college that is able to focus on eachindividul with small class sizes and an outstanding staff. Unlie lrger universities Spelman provides women with a sene of self worth and importance t the world.


My school is beautiful. The campus is a place where I feel relaxed and at home. The faculty, staff, and students are very welcoming and accepting. There is a social group for any interest incliding, political, religious, sexual orientation, and extracurriculat sports.


The unique trait about Spelman College is that it is ranked the number one historically black college in the nation. The other schools I considered were excellent institutions as well but nothing compares to attending the number one college for African American women. However, the ranking was not the deciding factor in my decision to attend Spelman College. I knew that Spelman College students and staff had worked hard to have such prestige recognition and to know that I could play a part in that was profound. The unique trait Spelman College possesses is now a part of me too.


The environment of my school makes people feel like there all apart of this big family. I love that the classes sizes are small which makes discussions more engaging.


This school embodied the woman that I was and woman that I aspire to be. I wanted to go to a historically black college, and this school is ranked the number one HBCU in the nation. That was the main deal sealer. I also knew that I wanted to attend a small school, and with a student body of 2,200, that was definately right down my alley. The college is located in a large city, and coming from a large city I needed that aswell so that I could feel connected to the world.


Spelman does not give out many scholarships based on financial need.


I attend the number one historically black college and university in the nation and it is an all female college, the community at my school is very strong.


The unique thing about Spelman College is that their is definitley a tight bond of sisterhood between a lot of the women that go here. Also a lot of the activities that are given on campus are intellectually stimulating. The organizations on campus are very active and there are many opportunities to get internships from the career and development center. Because the school is an HBCU it is a very unique experience however their is still a great deal of diversity to be discovered.


That it is an all girl school, it teaches us to be successful woman in life.




My college is unique in that it is an African American college enveloped in an African American college center called the AUC. The AUC includes Clark Atlanta University, Morehosue College, Morris Brown College, and ITC, and it is the only all-female college. My school pushes me to succeed and teaches me about different cultures while it cultivates all of its students cultures who come from different states and countries. It is rare to see many students from the area in which my school is located. My school is a great school, and I love it.


the sisterhood and bond. We all look out for each other.