Spelman College Top Questions

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My school is unique because it was the only non uni-sex school that I applied to. All the school that I applied to were Historically Black Colleges and Universities but Spelman College, an all female academy, had always been my first choice.


I believe that my instituition is unique in a sense that it molds women to become dynamic figures and leaders within society. My college provides its students with the resources, positive environment, and everlasting encouragement needed for us to change the world!!! Spelman women are the best and the brightest and we uphold moral and ethical standards everywhere we go.


It's a prominent school built for African-American women.




Being an historically black college, as well as an all womens college allows me to be comfortable and to feel welcome and at home at all times.


my school has a very good academic reputation as well as many successful alumna.


Uhhhh... I will... later.


Head up + back straight + shoulders back = Spelman women. I don't think many of the Spelmanites recogize this. Generation X is doing away with the legacy and traditional classiness of Spelman. Yeah I have my navel pierced but I don't walk around campus bearing it all out to the community-there's a time and a place for that and its certainly not campus grouds. I feel that even though these are young adults and yes we pay our tuition, but faculty and staff should reserve the right to discipline young women and their decorum. Morehouse does it by making the business majors wear a suit every Thursday. Spelmanites should be disciplined when they're caught wearing hot pants and tiny tank tops to school. It's not the beach and they're in school to seek out education not the wrong type of attention.