Spelman College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at Spelman College accurate?


No they are not true of all the students in the school.


For the majority of the Student Body Yes.


No. The females I have met are caring, intuitive, smart, and over 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the school is receiving financial aide.


The stereotype that we are rich, snobby and stuck up is not true. Girls from all walks of life attend our prestiguous college, from rich to poor, kind to arrogant. It just depends on what type of Spelman woman you cross paths with. And, I find myself really smart so that stereotype is true!lol.


Some people are elitist, but there are people like that in EVERY school. I think what prompts this stereotype is the fact that education is stresses a lot at Spelman and it can get very competitive. No, we are not trained to be housewives, however, some of my peers believe that they are entitled to 2.5 kids and a house in the country with a town car...we will leave them to their dillusions. And people for God's sake, Spelman is in the heart of ATLANTA!!! We are a 1 minute walk away from Morehouse and Clark with thousands of boys. NOOOOOOOOO we are not deprived of boys. We just kick them out of our classes for the most part so we can do our work.




No they're not accurate. Absolutely not. One bad apple cannot represent the whole basket of apples-this goes without saying. However, rumors can alter a outside spectators perspective. For instance, the rumors that have been spread by some Morehouse men and the misinterpreted exotic dance that was preformed by the Mahoghany in Motion Dancers this past Spring will diminish ones view of the Spelman community. I for one, if I were a parent, would not want my daughter to attend Spelman if I viewed the exotic performance that MIM put on before a crowd of young men rooting for more. The performance reinforced the Morehouse myths of Spelmanites being sexually anxious and open.