Spelman College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most wonderful event in my opinion that happens on campus is the Founders Day Convocation. It allows me time to reflect on the campus and its rich heritege. it is also a time when the students wear their white dresses which is a beautiful site to see.


It is important to know who your friends and who your acquaintance are.


There are lots of programs and events and performances to attend on campus. There is lots to do in the surrounding area also. The thing that I do on a Saturday night, and I don't drink, is round up the girls and kick up our feet and watch a movie or play games or even do one another's hair. It is easy to find people like you and people opposite from you that you can get along with and learn things from.


The social life here is great too! I would say the most popular groups would have to be the Greeks. It depends on several factors if you leave your dorm room open or not. Our athletic events may not be so popular though. Only during Homecoming or our games against our rivals is when people show up. Founders Day, Olive Branch, Homecoming and probates are traditions that happen each year on campus.


No racism towards blacks OVBVIOUSLY. There are clicks. Just ignore the mean ones for the most part, and there are mean ones in every class. Also, sororities are a big click of girls who generally inspire fear and awe in those interested in those types of things...just dont let extracurriculars interfere. Your GPA is the only number that counts out of undergrad...not number of friends or number of hookups or number of parties attended. If you dont believe me, just as a senior whi is juggling 7 intensive classes during one semester (thats about 3 more than average). It SUCKS!


The Greek Organizations of course. Delta's and AKA's sit atop of it all. I plan to become wholeheartedly involved with LEADS. I love what they do, the lifestyle they live, the image they uphold and their expectations of LEADS scholars. Last weekend I was in NY for Spring Break while 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the AUC student body headed down to Miami for Spring Break, which is not my type of scene. The younger, immature crowd that has yet to realize that they're to represent classiness and not trashiness tend to behave disorderly and raunchy, if you will. So I stay away. I want to wear my white dress with pride and hold my head up high knowing I didn't do something insane during Spring Break that I'll regret. On Saturday nights I don't drink because I'm not a drinker. It is so cliche to say that all students drink their butts off until they're drunk during college. It's so not true. Again, there's diversity. I rather sip on tea and listen to jazz on a Saturday night and I know girls that read their bible or go to church on a Saturday night. There's the movies, a date with your boo, a card game, a slumber party-they do it all. Not everyone gets pissy drunk and dances to degrading booty shaking Dirty South tunes. What do I do off campus-well I live off campus :)