Spelman College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


One of the things I love about Spelman most is the opportunities it affords its students. The Study Abroad resources, internships, and the alumni network make Spelman the school it is. Its academics prepare you for your desired career field but the connections you are able to make while in school are what set Spelman apart from other colleges and universities. Taking advantage of the numerous opportunities outside of the classroom will make your stay at Spelman worth the cost of tuition..


I brag most about the sisterhood and network you gain at your time at Spelman College. Spelman College believes in civility, service, and servitude. Spelman is in the business of making women become game changers. Students at Spelman are raises in a loving community where you can shine in academics as well in the community. When I am asked the frequently asked question of what I like most about my school I say the sisterhood and of course the loving faculty that believes in my dreams and goals.


I brag about how my school prepares their students for internships, summer programs and ultimately securing jobs or graduate school acceptances after their matriculation through Spelman. The Career and Development Center on campus is constantly holding fairs or inviting top companies to meet and interview prospective students for jobs.


Fried Chicken Wednesdays are the best. Mainly because the cooks prepare some of the best peach cobblers that I have ever tasted.


I brag about how much I love the educational environment. The teachers at Spelman College make the campus feel like home. They are concerned about not only our education but also our well being and always ready to lend a helping hand.


I brag most about the strong legacy my school have and the location my school is in. Atlanta is filled with so many oppurtunties and my school staff works together and help students to help the schools legacy thrive.


There are so many great things about Spelman to write home about. It's hard to pin-point one thing in particular, but I do find myself bragging about the oppurtinities presented at Spelman. There are always big companies(i.e Google) looking to recruite Spelman students, and the facuilty makes sure to push the students to get involved. If it isnt a company there are research oppertunites and interships. I also appreciate the sisterhood that Spelman has, wheather it be between the current students and the aulmni, going to school here creates a bond that will be everlasting.


I love that Spelman is completely committed to the success of Black women everywhere. The environment is very supportive, and the professors and students are like family.


The presence of great names and companies. I am a gauranteed the career of my choice if, I take advantage of all opportunities presented to me.


When talking about Spelman the number one thing I brag about is the sisterhood that can be shared on campus. Some young women enter Spelman without a clue of what having a sister is like. I think it is a beautiful thing to have someone to turn to no matter where you are in life, because chances are they have gone through the same experiences. Spelman offers a family expeience that I never felt at any other school I visited during the quest to find the perfect school for me. Overall the reason I choose Spelman was for the sisterhod.


I brag about how much I love the environment and how comfortable I felt. I had so much fun meeting new people and partaking in new experiences. Not only did I have fun attending the parties and campus activities, but the academic side of the school is great too. The professors are very nice and all of the students feel like a second family.


When I speak about my school and my experiences at Spelman College there are only positive things that I can think of. Spelman College is the an amazing school that has provided a pathway for African American women to succeed. My school embodies the empowerment of women and the idea creating women who will be leaders. Also despite the fact that my school is predominantly African American I can honestly say that there is a wide variety of young women who attend. This of course is what helps make my school so much fun and a great place to be.


Not to sound cliche, but there is so much to brag about Spelman College that it is hard to choose just on item to brag about. From the legacy, the sisterhood, and the overall experience while at the school, it is really difficult to narrow down. However I guess if forced to make a decision, I would brag most about the alumni connection. The 130 years that Spelman has been around, has created a great since of sisterhood among its students. Whether on or off campus, the students and alumni prove to be very supportive and encouraging towards each other.


I brag mostly about the quality of education, beauty of the campus, and the sisterhood exemplified throughout the organization.


What I brag about the most about Spelman college is the relationships that peole form while matriculating in the Atlanta University Center. Spelman and Morehouse have always had close ties to each other, being brother and sister school. The men of the Morehouse are like brother to their Spelman sister and look over them as such. The administration is helpful and supportive and you will never find experiences like theirs. Also the people of my class, Class of 2013, are vivacious and wonderful. It's amazing that thses epo le are in the same class together.


Spelman empowers women and exposes them to many opportunites in whatever field they wish to pursue. Spelman gives us the skills to succeded in every aspect in life. Attending Spelman gives you a huge sisterhood to rely on and teaches you how to become a strong woman who will impact the world.


I know all of my professors on a personal level. I can walk right up to them and they know my name, what type of student I am, and my strengths and weaknesses. They want to see me excel here, and they often do everything in their power to make sure that I do.


Probably all of the on campus activites available everyday of the week. There's never a dull moment here @ Spelman or in the Atlanta University Center.


I brag about the art department because it is so well put together. I also brag about the cafe and how the food is completel healthy.


I am always eager to share the enourmous amount of resources and opportunities my show has to share with the students in reference to their future career goals.


Small class sizes, friends/social life


The success rate of graduates. The diversity at Spelman is wonderful.


I brag alot about students not being able to have a car their first year, so we had to use public transportation (which was fun). Brag about getting assigned a Morehouse brother, which is great. Academically, I brag about the classes being small, teachers listening and helping out students however they can, and how my school has a success program for students who are not doing to well in school. I found out that I have a strong case of anxiety because of my school. The whole school is protected by our police officers. SCPD's officers are very cool.


I cannot explain the intellectual energy.Spelman is a place where the faculty encourages its students to challenge assumptions and conventional wisdom. Spelman expects you to discover new knowledge and to actively contribute to what is taught, thought, and practiced throughout the world. I want to be at Spelman, where there is a tradition of sisterhood, and years of history on its campus.


We are the #1 HBCU in the country.


Going to a all-women's institute is wonderful. First off, you become mentally empowered. Moreover, you learn how to challenge stereotypes of women (showcased particularly the media). And last but not least, you get the rare opportunity to interact with diverse women coming from all over who can, and will, help you succeed!


I never usually brag about anything, but I do talk about the many things that take place on my campus. There is always something to do on campus, be it political rallys, social gatherings, meet and greets with celebrities, and etc. The atmosphere of my school can always be categorized as busy. There is always something to do, and no one should be considered bored if they attend Spelman.


The strong sisterhood and sense of community. The quality of education. The active campus. Acessability to activities outside of campus.


The diversity on campus, the friendly environment, the breath of classes that I have been able to take, my friends


It's one of the highest ranked HBCU's. That is one thing to brag about. I usually brag about what we learn in our classes. I love my major, which is English and I love my teachers. I love the size of the school. I just believe that Spelman is a school that can be bragged about in almost every aspect.


I seldom brag about my school but I talk about being at a historically black college is an amazing experience and I wouldnt trade it for the world!


The family-like community and the variety of learning enrichment activities/programs offered to the students. I really love the traditions and history of my school and the fact that the women are encouraged to do well and strive for excellence in character and academics.


Spelman College is an institutional with a prestigious name. Spelman College is a liberal arts college that empowers young African-American women to make a change in the world. At Spelman College, we believe that we are all free-thinking women and that we are destined for greatness. This institution embodies all that a young woman needs to grow and develop maturely. Spelman College embraces young women in order to maintain integrity, passion, courage, and compassion in order to succeed in any and every future endeavor of the student.


It is the #1 top-rated historically black institution!


The environment at a historical Black College/University can not be duplicated in any other environment. The comradery and support that is experienced by students when they join the legacy of this instution is no comparison. Being able to go to lunch in the caf and hear everyone singing along to old school tunes or going to a school event and experiencing the love brings phenomenal feeling. I honestly can say that I would not rather be anywhere else or with any one else then my Spelman sisters.


School spirit, sisterhood, intellecutal atmosphere, community service oriented, internationally focused, global


Our student love spelman!


it is great


Spelman College exemplifies the highest standards that women in today's society should or are aiming to represent. Here we experience sisterhood and a sense of awareness of ourselves and others, while attaining the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue our chosen career paths.


It is the most prestigious HBCU and it is the hardest to get accepted.