Spelman College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing I would consider about my school is the slow speed in improving and rebuilding the freshman dorms.


The worst thing is if you are not financially stable. Many of my friends are stressed and depressed because of the possibility of not returning to Spelman College. Spelman College is very expensive and financial aid is limited.


Spelman College is an amazing place to learn and gain opportunities in the career field of your choice, however, the campus can be overbearing at times. Spelman puts a lot emphasis on tradition which can be a lot to handle when first arriving to campus. Spelman tries to be promote a liberal environment but mostly fails because of Spelman’s 'this is right and this is wrong' attitude. Spelman can seem confining for young women who do not wish to be 'girly' or 'fashionable' as the student body lacks a variety of types of women.


One of the things I can consider the "worst" at Spelman is the organization of some of the faculty members. Some of the faculty on campus are very unorganized and they are not always time concious. Some times we, the students ,receive information about events or scholarships or internships at the last minute when deadlines are approaching and it does not give us enough time. Also, some times things are scheduled or planned at the last minute on campus. Some professors are also not good in communicating effectively with students, for instance about their grade in a class.


The worst thing about Spelman College is that not too many scholarships are offered and they don't give a whole lot of financial aid as with most HBCU's. If you are really thinking about attending Spelman in the future you should apply for every single outside scholarship that you have time for. Don't discriminate based on the size of the scholarship. A thousand dollars here and there may not seem like much, but it goes a long way for a struggling college student.


The worst thing about Spelman College is the sporadic disorganization of events and other campus activities. This is a problem because it complicates having a smooth matriculation through the undergraduate experience and it slightly affects the school's external credibility as seen by other schhols and individuals.


Spelman College is an amazing institution and there is not many bad things I can say about it. One thing that I wish they could improve upon is the availabitly of quality food on campus. The cafeteria and student center do not have many healthy and organic options available. The college enviornment can be very chaotic and it can be hard to live a healthy lifestyle. Since a meal plan is required for all students that live on campus, It would be nice if the school implemented a healthy food regime.


The worst thing about my school is the food options on campus. I feel as though there should be a wider variety of options that include all dietary needs and preferences and also have the cafeteria and/or eatery options opened for longer periods of time.


Spelman College is such a great school so when I am asked this question I really have to think about my answer. After some thought, I realize that Spelman offers the best of the best in pretty much every area except for freshman dorms. The dorms are pretty old and do not offer air conditioning. They say its to "build character". Another thing is that you have to share bathrooms with the whole floor, its not too bad but still. There are also pros including the relationship that is developed with all of the young ladies on your floor.


Personally I am dissatisfied with the lack of diversity my school has academically. Students are limited to their choice of classes both in their major and as electives which doesn't help one to really realize what they want to do career wise. I am also extremely dissatisfied with the amount of financial aid provided to students. The only financial aid I am currently receiving is provided by my state and not the school. I don't even know if I can name a Spelmanite who has scholarship given by Spelman besides the Bonners Scholars.


The worst things the stereotypes because people have this picture in their head of how they think Spelman is when it is really another thing.


The lack of financial aid is the worst thing about my school. I have had a couple of friends that went home for winter break and never came back because they couldn't afford Spelman. There's so much that could be done to help students stay enrolled, but that can only happen when there is staff that actually cares about the students and their financial well being.


There is not a such thing as "the worst thing about my school". I love my school.


The worst thing about Spelman would have to be the fact that it is a place where you must try to fail. Now that can be a horrible thing for someone who just wants to glide through college. At Spelman one is forced to grow, it is a smaller school, so the attentive faculty and staff are always rooting for you.

Jordyn Nicole

The worst thing about Spelman College is it's location. Granted, this cannot be changed but it is so unfortunate that we are not guaranteed safety outside of campus gates because of the surrounding neighborhood. Nevertheless, campus safety does a great job at teaching prevention and trying to keep us safe in the area. It's a demographic issue moreso because most communities in the immediate area are underpriviledged. Oftentimes, my peers are robbed at gun point in broad daylight. It is truly an unfortunate ongoing occurrence.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the community its placed in. Just like most Historically Black Colleges and Universities, our institution is in a low-income community. We must be very cautious when out at night or traveling alone. However, Spelman is directly next to Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta Univeristy which creates a college enviornment that extends beyond Spelman's gates .


The worst thing about my school is the food and the tuition. The food because it could be better and the tuition because it cost too much.


The worst thing about my school is that to participate in most activities it seem to be a pledging process that occurs. As a all female institution, women are forced to conform to different stereotypes and social constructions that dictate how women look or dress which is ironic considering the motto of the school promotes 'free thinking women.'


I do not believe that Spelman College has anything bad about the college. It provides top notch liberal education and professors, has a lot of job opportunities and interships, mostly everyone has gotten a chance to go to different countries, and people build strong relationships at Spelman.


I believe that Spelman should improve its quality of food and acceptance of religious diversity.


The Dorms... Lacks AC


Spelman College is my dream college so there aren't many things that I would say are bad about my school. The worst thing about Spelman is that because they are perserving the older dorms on campus, most dorm rooms do not have central air. We have to bring a personal fan to have in our room in order to be cool in the summer. Spelman in located in Atlanta, GA where the tempertures can get up to 90 degrees or more in the summer, so ther's not much a fan can do in that weather.


The worst thing about Spelman College would have to be the high annual costs. It is over $40,000 and some familes don't even make that a year. It can become quite stressful when trying to figure how to cover the costs.


The worset thing about attending Spelman is that everyone else doesn't attend Spelman. Many people don't understand just how the culture of the school encourages young Black women to become leaders in all areas, and therefore they aren't certain what to do when they meet a Spelman woman.


At a prestigious college like Spelman you would expect for the campus to be updated. But the buildings are old and the food isn't the best. The freshmen dorms really need to be renovated and there needs to be more dorm buildings built so that students who are paying room and board don't have to be put in temporary housing! And Spelman doesn't know how to prioritize and spend their money on actual important things.


I don't consider anything bad about my school, I love my school.


I loathe not being able to finish a task I've started. One of my most current task is graduating from Spelman College in Spring 2016. Spelman is a private, all-female and predominatly Black institution; therefore tution and fees are more expensive than the average college. In addition, Spelman offers about 15 instiutional scholarships compared to the 2,500 student population. The worst thing about attending Spelman is the possiblity of not being about to complete your studies without being surrounded by debt.


The worst thing about Spelman College is it does not prepare its students for the real world. Not every student, like those who work to pay their tuition, is able to get internships to improve their skills in their field of study. Therefore, it is essential that Spelman prepare its students in the classroom. This is the worst aspect of the college because people go to college to become prepared for their future career. If students are not prepared, it makes it difficult for them in the work force especially in today’s economy when jobs are scarce.


The worst thing about my school is also one of the best things at my school. Spelman encourages and almost demands excellence from its students which can have adverse effects on certain students who become too competititive.


The location. Aside from the fact that it is a part of the Atlanta University Center Consortium, it is located in West End Atlanta which is a not so nice part of Atlanta.


The rules.


The worst thing about Spelman is the fact that it is located in a neighborhood that has a substantial amount of crime. Female students can not even walk down the block to the gas station or Popeyes alone because of the potential threat of danger.


The worst thing about Spelman College is the dining room food.


The worst thing about my school would be the limited availability of scholarships provided by the school matched with the increasing tuition. In these economic times, students need more help rather than not.


The worst thing about my school would have to be that it doesn't offer a graduate school. I say that because I feel like I'm not going to be ready to leave when I graduate. This experience will be one I will never forget.


The worst thing about this school is finding out how and where the spend the money they receive from tuition, endowments and donations. Though our campus is beautiful, many of the students wonder why the innerworkings of the college aren't as noteworthy. I think Spelmen needs to let its students have access to knowledge about where their money goes. Another problem that Spelman has is the difficulty in transfering its credits to other institutions. Even though they want to make thier retension rate high, many simply cannot afford this school and must leave and start over.


The cost of attendance every year is very expensive, but I believe it is well worth it.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the price of tuition. I consider the price of tuition to be the worst thing about my school because it is extremely high. Many of us students at Spelman College have always had aspirations of attending the institution, but with worries of how we would afford it. Now that I attend the college I often worry about how my family and I will make it possible for me to stay. If the school's tuition was not as high, I would not have to worry as much.


Sometimes the school can be to protective of there young ladies.


The dorm rooms have to be the worst. The food is also not very good as well.


I wish my school had more resources. Because we are a college and not a university, sometimes there aren't as many programs as I would like.


The conditions of the dorms are, terrible, compared to the other schools. The fitness equipment needs an upgrade as well. In addition, the meals and extra food provided on campus is poor, even though every year they are trying to improve the quality. There needs to be more variety, healthier choices, and better resources for food chains in the student unions. A student union for studying, food, and gathering would be great for the Atlanta University Center. Living on campus should be an enjoyable experience, not something everyone dreads. The upgrades would provide more happiness for the student body.


The dorms are outdated and in need of repair. Also, there are no signs indicating where the shuttle stops, nor is there a specific schedule.


One thing that my school, as well as the students, take great pride in is our rich tradition. If you are not interested in participating in school traditions or building lifelong friendships then this environment would not be suitable for you, because we value our school's history and traditions and it is evident in everything that we do.


The only thing that I would complain about at my school is that sometime the food in the cafeteria is not the best.


Our dorms are described as "historic" which is an excuse to keep them in ancient condition until the school can afford to redo them. While I expected small spaces for each dorm room, I didnt anticipate living in 1960s conditions. Considering the amount paid for housing, I'd expect alot more out of my living quarters.




The worst thing about my school would be the availability of funds to help with the cost of tuition.


The worst thing about Spelman is that it only offers bachelors degrees; students can not attend Spelman for graduate school. I consider this to be the worst thing because I love my institution, as do many, and I think it would be great for individuals who could not attend as undergraduates.


Financial Aid is lacking similar to every other HBCU. But, if you are on top of the scholarships you should be fine. Everything else makes up for the lack of financial aid at the school.