Spelman College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Spelman creates a very supportive environment with small class sizes, professors who are beyond qualified many of who have their PhDs and many career and internship opportunities. For those who know of Spelman, they are very excited since it is ranked as the top HBCU in the country and of course the Spelman Alumnae are very proud and are part of an extensive and integral network. If I could change anything it would be the price but it is a small, private college and it is honestly worth every penny.


I will start off with saying that choosing to come to Spelman College has been one of the best decisions of my life. Since Spelman is a historically black college (HBCU) and an all women's college, one of the best qualities about it is constantly being surrounded by powerful, intelligent, black women. The environment is very healthy and motivating. When I tell people that I attend Spelman College, the reactions I receive always remind me that I am at one of the most prestigious HBCU's in the nation. They are always very impressed and excited for my future. Another thing that makes Spelman unique is that is it fairly small so there is a strong sense of a school community and most of all sisterhood! Spelman is not too small in my opinion, it is just right! The administration on campus is exceptional because they set standards for all students to meet and it is expected that we always maintain high standards for ourselves. Spelman College is an illustrious institution that has changed my life for the better thus far and I can not wait to see where it takes me in the future. I strongly encourage anyone who is seriously interested to apply!


The one thing that I would change about Spelman College is how they handle money. They are really bad about sending refund checkes. They are even worse when it comes to students with tuition waivers. They continue to try to get more money from us.


Many students transfer from Spelman because they found that the overall experince is not worth the money/debt. The famous "Spelman College Sisterhood" is really made up of cliques and formalities.


The best thing about Spelman are the students who make up the student body. When you just look at us as a whole, you only see two things and those are that we are African American and women. But when you take a closer look, you will see diversity at its best moment. I think my school is just right, it's not to big or too small for me. When I tell people I go to Spelman I get the same reaction like "wow that is so exciting." I spend most of my time both on campus and off campus, just depends on what day it is. There is a lot of school pride here. You can't go one day on campus without seeing someone in a Spelman hoodie or hat. We are proud of our school! The one experience that I will always remember is Olive Branch and that is when the three schools here in the AUC all meet up for a huge party. I have never experienced anything like that at all. It was crazy!


Tradition is a big thing at Spelman. Be prepared to follow tradition. It is a small environment, so if you are a bit of an experimental wild child, know that your stuff will be out in the open before the close of the week. Also, it is a dry and dead campus on weekends, so anticipate spending time for socializing away from the campus. There is school pride and legacy that reaches back decades...if you are one of the lucky ones, you will get to add YOUR story.


The best thing about Spelman is that the students are catered to in the classroom. The faculty and staff are pulling for us to succeed. I would change the administration. A lot of the people working there seem to not care to help the students. At times it can be way too small. Many people say, "Oh wow! Spelman!" In the Science Center. It's Atlanta. Recent controversy-Cheerleaders half-time routine. It was very suggestive. I don't think there is a lot of school pride. It's an all girl's school. Some shady girls told some people I was pregnant. The dorms. The food.


Spelman is classy not trashy. Spelman is sophisticated. Spelman breeds and elite class of young black women. As for Spelman's administration, with all due respect, it is not to the standards of Spelman's high reputation amongst HBCU's. Spelman is recognized as one of the seven Black Ivy League Schools (all though this is not official except amongst the HBCU community), and its quite realistic for the administration, run by humans to misplace things here and there. But the downfall of Spelmans reputation is when 5 out of 10 students are complaining their transferring transcipts were lost, or their grades were mixed up with another. There is more, paying top dollars for education but having to run to another resident hall to shower because the water in your residence hall is cold. It is too bad that these little mishaps aren't kept and dealt with inside of the Spelman community. On the contrary, when Spelmanites are venting they tell the outside world of Spelman's faults and compromise Spelman's legacy of excellence. I recently witnessed a Spelmanite telling a prospective Spelman student that Spelman is extremely organized because it is run by minorities who sit on the phone all day having liesure conversations while students are lined up outside their office door awating to be seen. It's a shame that these words were coming from a Spelmanites mouth but for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. She didn't wake up feeling this way on her own. Spelman's legacy of excellence, pureness, classiness, and leadership needs to be preserved-and it takes hard work to preserve these historic values within this historic institution.