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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would tell myself to be more open minded in selecting a school. In the beginning I only wanted to attend a large university (The University of Kentucky). I realize now that in no way was a large school right for me. I would tell myself to stay focused, and not let outside influences affect the rest of my life. Looking back, I wish I had realized the importance of establishing credit, networking, and keeping school and personal life seperate. It has taken me three years to finally find my stride, and now I feel secure in a future, and feel as though I have a goal. Those three years before I found my school were spent feeling lost and hopeless because I had no direction. The general classes frustrated me because I never felt that I was getting any closer to an actual career. In today's society, you need more than just an Associate's degree in the Arts and Sciences. It is much more lucritive to have a special area of study, and be seen as an individual, rather than apply for the general jobs that the rest of the population of graduates are after.

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I would tell myself not to go until I knew what I wanted to do, develop a plan, and stick to it. I would also tell myself to finish school when I start and not to let anything distract me from that goal. Don't worry about parties, friends, or money. Just get the education needed so I wouldn't have to work two jobs and go to school as an adult. That is what I am doing now. I would tell myself to communicate better with my professors and not to be intimidated if I need help. That's what professors are their for. If they didn't want to help, continue on and find someone that will. Also, report that professor to the president of the university. Finally, I would tell my self to stay organized and if possible, finish assignment before the due date.

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