Spokane Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Don't really socialize to much in college, they seem nice though.


My classmates are highly intelligent, motivated people that tolerate the stresses of being a student with a calm demeanor; I've made a few great friends from my participating in classroom activities.


My classmates are wonderful! The majority of us group together and work together to better understand concepts they we may not all grasp. It is important to make friends in college. There will always be something that you missed or did not quite grasp and it is a great thing to have another person to count on in that situation, especially when your grade depends on it.


My classmates are pretty cool. They love aviation just as much as I do. They can get quite playfull in the hangar, which can become quite roudy and then we have to quiet down. There is a big diversity among my classmates. We people from here is Spokane, while one guy comes all the way from Sudan, Africa, and others from many different states here in the U.S.


My class mates were driven and passionate about higher education, many in my class could not afford to go to a four year college, but still choose to get an education at a two year college.


My classmates are friendly, kind, and helpful. They all are great classmates.