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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Joshua, DO NOT move out! Do not try to act like you can handle the world on your own at this time within your life. If you do your parents will then move into a situation where you can no longer move back in with them, and I'm telling you it is hard to be a full time student while trying to support yourself. Thank you for hearing my words. Continue being awesome.


I would tell my former self to make sure I allot enough time for myself as well as my school work. I'd tell myself not to be afraid of the social anxiety I may feel and that the best of times are ahead of me.


If you’re like me, then you had more questions than answers when you started college. What am I doing? Am I doing this right? Where’s 27-1123A?! It’s all very unnerving. Now that I know better, it might be nice to save a few newbies from the fire. Setting an educational goal is the first major step. Some people know what that goal is from the get go, but, if you're like me, then you might need a little help. Most college councilors are full of information, and every single one of them wants you to succeed. You just have to have the courage to ask. Also, remember to take advantage of any learning opportunities that arise. My school offers free student success workshops that offer advice on career planning, time management, learning strategies, and other topics designed to give every student the tools to succeed. I wouldn't be the student I am today without them. Finally, the most important thing you can take with you to school is a good attitude. Blast crazy happy music on the way to school. Dance in your bathroom. Doodle your heart out. And remember: you’ve got this.


There are many things that I would bring up while in conversation with the high school me. A few important topics that I would bring up would probably be to not sweat the small things, do not procrastinate, and do not be afraid to ask for help. I believe that if I had used this knowledge in high school then my grades and my outlook would have been so much better. The little things in life always stress people out. I noticed that once little things pass, we never go back and think about it. If you try to recall something little that frustrated you a year ago then most likely you will not recall. Procrastination is a bad friend in school. I think that high school students are the worst. I would be really clear with the high school me on that topic. Asking for help can be a prideful thing for a high school student. I would tell the high school me that it would only better your communication skills and at the same time, you may receive a much better understanding on a subject as well as much higher grades.


If I could go back 20 years into the past and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to enjoy the ride. I spent so much time immediately after graduation worrying about what I should be doing, what I would become, and how to get there, that I missed out on some of the good stuff. I don't know how many of my decisions I would change, because I like who I ultimately have become and I think all of my choices have made me who I am. I would try to impress upon myself, however, to appreciate what is happening in the moment instead of worrying about what might happen next.


One thing that I would about my school/college life is go to college right away after I graduated from high school. However I have not done so, because of some life changes. Right after I graduated from high school, at 18 years of age, I got married than I had a baby. Of course I do not regret these life changes; however I wish I had taken the opportunity to go to college right away. Three years have already passed from the time I graduated and finally I am back to school. It's a decision I will never regret. It's a bit tough for me to get used to the idea of school, homework and tests. However, this is my second quarter at SCC, and I am doing pretty well. Therefore, if I would be able to go back in time I would attend college right after I graduated in 2006 and by now I would probably be a police officer, which is my future dream. I would say that it's much harder to study when you get older. However, I am glad I made the decision to go back to school on time.


I would tell myself that college is not as scary as it's made out to be. Yes, moving out of your parents house is scary and it's hard to change so much in so little time, but it's worth it. College is made to make you think and become a better person. You'll experience things that nobody could ever teach you. Apply early and don't feel like you're being picked on if things don't go exactly as you had hoped; things go wrong for everyone! A soft heart goes a long way to getting to know people. Don't lose who you are, just be a little tougher version of yourself. Don't forget your old friends. Call your parents, they can help you with whatever you're going through. Don't think that fitting in makes you a better person.


If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior, I would tell myself to do things differently than I have done already. One thing that I would tell myself is to get more involved with activities and with other people because as time progresses it becomes much harder to make friends. By getting involved early, everyone is still new, you make friends faster and get involved easier. If you wait, then everyone already has their friends, and its a lot harder to join. A second thing I would say to myself is that college requires a lot more hard work and diligence than high school requires. Yes, I did have to make a conscious effort to get my work done in high school, but not nearly as much. I would also tell my self to start practiciing good time management skills, because they are great skills to have in college. You no longer have your parents to tell you that you need to do this or that, your on your own now. Its now your responsibility. I have have now learned these things, but I wish I could have learned them earlier.


I would tell my self to work harder for the time ahead. i would say that college isnt as easy as you may think. you will be challenged over and over again. i would also say to never give up and keep trying and put 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} into school more like 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. i would say i should have done some more scholarships because i have no money for school. i have to work about 40 hours a week just so that i can pay for school and bills. i would end it by saying goodluck and work as hard as you possibly can so that in you can get good grades and be able to get a good job in the future.


Hey me! You had a fine start to your college career! I just flew back to tell you that trying to make the best of your high school years and live your life to the fullest was a lovely decision. Honestly, you only graduate from high school once. The best part about this is that you were able to prepare yourself quite well for college. Taking a chance and trying out the AP courses and challenging yourself socially and mentally in school really prepares you for college. Your knowledge in those courses will give you a head start in your classes. You still need to step out of your comfort zone a bit more and perhaps try some volunteer work with your free time. It will help you out so much when you sign up for scholarships because money for college is a pain to find. And perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the computer a bit more. I know you know how to use word process and powerpoint, but maybe expand it a little so you are more comfortable with the world wide web! These little tips will make your life easier when we meet again in the future!


If I could go back and give myself some advice on college life and the entire transition, the main thing I would tell myself is to be more independent and focus on your studies more. Even thought I did not go off to a four year college I am still working on a BS degree. I have never experienced the actual "college life" but looking at my friends I saw that the transition was hard from leaving their family, moving to another town, and meeting new people. In some ways I do regret that I never moved off and went to college but I am getting just as good as an education at my local community college.


Do better in high school.


If I could go back to my senior year I would defiantly take more classes that would've prepared me for math. I am in the aviation industry now and math is really hard to pick up on. Another thing would've been to have a plan on a way to pay for college before you get there. Planning would have been key and if I would have thought ahead about it I would'nt have the money problems I have now.


High school is a gift, it is free and I wish I would have taken full advantage of that gift. I would say self, do everything, get the best grades possible, join all extra activities available, enjoy your time in school, learn all you can so that when it comes time to choose a college you have many choices rather than limited. Rather than starting low in college, because of those grades you will be able to start a program quickly rather than going to classes that should have been finished in high school. Prepare for college, open a savings for college now, student loans are expensive, and the interest is crazy! Research your dream job, find out which school offers the best programs for that career, and what that school can offer you. You are paying for it, and your grades will open big doors if you take advantage of that free gift while in high school. Good Luck and live life to the fullest.


i would give myself the advice to stick to what i want and make goals that were more attainable , to pace myself and not try not to over work myself with stuff. To take my time and that in that time things will come of it.


It's okay to put yourself first sometimes. Love and compassion are the most important assets a person can have. Children are worth every minute you give to them. Listen to your Grandfather, you will regret pushing him aside when he is gone.


I would make sure to go right after college so I kept my eagerness to learn. I would also know not to slack and give 100 percent.