Spokane Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school offers a wide range of courses and many of those can be taken online. Not only does that save on gas and travel time but it eliminates wasting paper and thus helping to conserve nature. My instructors are very helpful and are always available to answer any questions I may have. SCC also has a great campus that is filled with a diverse set of friendly people that are just trying to make it in life.


The program I am in is very "hands-on." I am getting to use tools and learning techniques that I will actually use with my future employer. Classes are small and there is a lot of opportunity for one-on-one learning with instructors.


i think that the best thing at my school is my economics class. Its very hard class the teacher really pushes us like we are all sophmores in a 4 year college. This will help me in the future when i head off to a university. iwill know what im getting myself into instead of going and getting hammered by all of the work.


At SCC, the professors and volunteers always do their best to encourage the students to utilize the materials and programs that the college has created for us. No matter what classes the students are taking, they have extra helpers outside of class that willing give their time to help the students. The tutoring program here at SCC especially is a useful program that this school has offered for their students. Many students take advantage of this opportunity and they see the results of their hard work in their transcripts at the end of the quarter.


Location and acedemic choices, great instructors for the health care professions


That the teachers are willing to help you succeed and everyone is very friendly.