Spokane Falls Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Spokane Falls is the more liberal community college of the 2 in Spokane. It has a large variety of artistic classes and the students are almost all eccentric. Free thinking and self expression are highly encouraged. There is such a diverse variety of students. My favorite part is that everyone is accepting of others. I had a group project with a teenage goth girl, an elderly man, and a mid-thirties cowboy. We got along great! After the project the 4 of us continued to sit with eachother in class. I love the lack of judgement at SFCC.


Mostly we are known as a college for students to get their A.A. before transfering to a four year university. Most of the students are here to save money on tuition by getting their core requirements done at a community college.


Spokane Falls is known for academics, athletics, and diversity.


Affordable, but strong education opportunities, and also smooth transitions to four-year universities.