Spokane Falls Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Attend a community college! The professors take it easier on you and the course work is relatively easy. I took an online certificate course-- all online classes-- and it was tons of reading online, but for my particular course it involved only buying one book. This college seems like a good bargain, especially for certificates.


Any kind of person could attend Spokane Falls Community College, from the kind of person that just wants to take a couple of classes, to the kind of person (like me) who wants to pursue their AA degree.


students who want to attend this school should keep in mind what school they are planning to attend after they tranfser from their two year degree plan here at the Falls. talking to advisors from future prospect universities, and getting a degree plan about their major would be beneficial on towards time spent at the Falls and a better look on what the road lies ahead. students should be organized and ambitious, because success is well within reach, if you plan accordingly.