Spokane Falls Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People with a closed mind, who do not like diversity of beliefs, artistic expression, and people from all walks of life should avoid this school.


Anyone can attend Spokane Falls Community College. This college is very accepting of different kinds of people and offers many clubs, classes and activites for anyone wanting to jon.


People should not attend SFCC if the they don't care about their education and are very distractive in class. SFCC has amazing staff that want to teach students, and give an amazing academic education. It can become very destracting to other students who want to learn when you have students in the class room that are distractive, and don't care about anything. Everybody deserves and education, however, it helps when people want to learn.


As a new student of SFCC this coming fall, I know many people who have attended the school and it is one that strives to help those who attend the school.


A really driven, career focused person with the finacial capability to attend a 4 year university should not attend this school.




A student who is not motivated. Students who cannot respect that they are there for an education first, and social networking second are doomed to fail at their assigned curriculum.


Anyone can choose to go to SFCC even kids that are still in high school, with their head start program they open the doors for everyone to succeed. The classrooms consist of teenagers all the way to the elderly. Anyone has the opportunity to complete their education at SFCC.