Spring Hill College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are fun happy and loving students that work hard and get their job and classworks done.


Fun, Intelligent, Diverse


Some of them are nice and some feel they are to important to talk are help but their are some people who will do their best to help you


everyone thereis very friendly and very helpful


The student population consists of people from all over the South and Midwest. We do also have some students from the northeast. Only about 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student population is Catholic so if you are not, you would fit in quite well. Students also come from various socio-economic backgrounds. Some are wealthy and some are not--it's a good mix and it really doesn't seem to matter. Everyone gets along for the most part. The great thing about the student population is that you get to know a lot of people over your four years. That means you are always going to know someone in the dining room, at a party, or in class. People for the most part are welcoming and everyone gets along.


My classmates are determined, driven, kowledgeable, and ready to achieve.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, fun individuals who work very hard and have strong goals.


Breakdown of Greek Life - Frats: TKE - all nerdy/unattractive/not jock boys Lamdachi - all attractive (in a southern way) jocky/preppy boys and hunters who think they're god's greatest gift Sororities: Tri Delta - used to be the most prestegious sorority on campus with the most beautiful girls, not so sure of that anymore they rival with Phi Mu for girls each year Phi Mu - AKA Mu Mu's these are the girls that basically couldn't get into Tri Delt so went with Phi Mu, not outcasts just not super high maitenence. Delta Gama - The DG's are the lowest of the low at Spring Hill College, although in the North this is one of the most beloved and popular sororities in the South it consists of all the overweight girls and outcasts, these girls usually date TKES and are known as TKE Sweethearts.


My classmates are a well rounded group of people.


Everyone is very friendly and inviting.


My classmates are smart, open-minded, and helpful students.


For the most part they are focused, and are engaging individulas.


Most of my classmates seem to come from well-to-do families and are very polite; some people can come off snobby, but there are enough nice people to make up for it; and this school tends to form cliques, as well.


the majority are really friendly people who are dedicated to their studies but also know how to have a good time.


They are friendly, industrious, fun-loving, and intelligent.


The community at Spring Hill is something I cannot even express how wonderful it is, you can walk anywhere and feel safe and comfortable and wherever you go, you at least know one person, the frienships and ability to accept everyone is something that I haven't experienced anywhere else.


My classmates are competition for me to be more successful in my schooling.


My classmates are, as I am, trying to find themselves in the scope of the world by learning to balance a variety of aspects which compose their being such as themselves as a student, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, employee, future identity, friend, etc...


My classmates at this school are very supportive and very helpful.


The students at Spring Hill College are unique individuals who come from different places around the world. They are very friendly and are willing to tell about where they came from. They are very helpful and interesting.


My classmates are, for the most part, intelligent and very active in class.


My classmates are diverse in ethnicity, background, and artistic and academic talent, and they have a friendly and energetic relationship with both professors and fellow students.


My classmates are great. Most of us are around the same age . We are either mothers and/fathers. We have study groups and share alot of things with each other. It's like I said, we are like a big family.


My classmates are liberal, diverse, and come from all over the United States. Some of my closest friends have been from Miami, St. Louis, New Orleans, New England, and the Midwest.


Friendly, out-going, and driven.


Diverse, open, friendly, exciting.


Kind, friendly, compassionate, helpful


they are outspoken and high acheivers.