Spring Hill College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Spring Hill College is best known for its school spirit, great teachers, and close community. The badger love at Spring Hill is amazing and seen every single day as you see people walking aroung in purple, our school color, or attending the different events going on around campus. The student to teacher ratio is the perfect amount for students who need one on one time with their teachers. The community that is created at Spring Hill from your freshman year will last forever. By the first few months of school you should know just about everyone.


Spring Hill College is a school built on tradition. Since 1831, the college has provided a close-knit community for students to grow not only intellectually, but physically, socially and spiritually. Spring Hill is more like a family than a college. No matter what one's interests, hobbies or talents are, Spring Hill represents a group of students working toward a common goal. It is a small school with faculty and staff who actually know his or her students names and are deeply invested in the success of the student body in the career field and in life.


My school is best known for preparing students for excellence in their profession. They also prepare students to become responsible leaders, and a big focus is given to serving others.


I think my school is best known for its concentration on the liberal arts, as it is a Jesuit college. Whenever you mention that you go to Spring Hill, people in the area usually raise their eyebrows and are impressed. If you go here, you will get a good job after you graduate, if you apply yourself.


Small classroom setting. The staff is very attentive.


My school is best know for being one of the top 15 colleges in the South. This is amazing because it shows the effort that I put into studying and my grades, along with our social scene.


Intimate classroom setting which fosters interpersonal relationships with advisors, counselors, and professors. A Jesuit background environment which encourages and nurtures a daily relationship with a higher being to guide and strengthen us all.


Being the one of the oldest Jesuit Colleges in the south.


My school is best known for being a small Jesuit college. It's prestige comes from the great professors and courses that it offers.


I think that Spring Hill college is well knowen for our spirituality and for our sevices and charity. Students as well as faculties are always doing some sort of community service or giving to charity in some way. As a religious scholl and very humanitarian we are always trying to help different communityies with their needs.


Liberal Arts and Jesuit historical values.


Religious prestige and academic integrity.


My school is best known for being the oldest Jesuit College in the south. It is a beautiful campus with many great benfits.


our school is best known for its liberal arts schooling. it has an emphasis on the arts and communications as well as our nursing program.