Spring Hill College Top Questions

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Spring Hill was the only Catholic college I considered. It also was the smallest school that I visited. There is such a comfortable atmosphere on campus, everyone seems to know each other and at the very least will say hello or offer a smile to a fellow student they may recognize but not know by name. The small class sizes were a must that I could not have at a larger university and i value the close bonds that i have developed with my professors and classmates.


They ensure that you get a good writing, and analytical experience.


It's very open minded. I like the small classes because the teachers can handle your personal learning needs.


Don not go to SHC unless you've always wanted to be in a sorority or fraternity...the charm of this school is amazing but do not be fooled...sororities and fraternities RULE THIS SCHOOL!


Spring Hill is quite different than any other university or college that I applied to. It is a relatively small college, with only about 1,500 students. However, not once have I felt like I have missed out on receiving a fulfilling "college experience." Because the school is small, it allows the students to get to know each other on a level rivaled by larger universities. Rather than cliques, Spring Hill is shaped by community. It is represented by a unified body of people passionate about learning and living, while giving back to the whole Mobile community in the process.


Spring Hill College is very unique in the fact that every professor has a personal relationship with the students. Having small classes really helps students to be able to have a better relationship with their professors. Here at Spring Hill each of your professors knows your name where as for other schools you are only a number to them. Being a student here really makes you feel special and understood because of the close relationship between faculty and students. That played a major part in my decision to attend Spring Hill College.


It is a small school so it offers a more personal learning experience.


The professors are very eager to connect with the students and spend time with students beyond the classroom requirements. They do not mind at all hanging out with the students or being a mentor.


Spring Hill, as a Jesuit college, offers the spiritual community that other colleges often lack. Also, the small student body is great because it offers the small town feel, which really makes it able to become a second home to many of us. The student to teacher ratio offers a better environment for student/teacher relationships and bonds; students are never afraid to talk to their professors.


One thing that is unique about my school is the size. Spring Hill is a small school compared to others i visited, but I like that. Also, since the school is small, it makes the classroom size smaller. This is good because it gives students more one on one with their teachers. Everyone knows everyone. It just makes the enviornment friendly. Also the landscape makes us unique. Spring Hill keeps the campus so clean its unreal. They are also very focused on "going green" and tries to get the entire campus involved.


Most of the schools I looked at were small and probably half were private, which coincide with Spring Hill. Spring Hill is unique in its living quarters. I live in a "pod" consisting of six dorm rooms on one floor with a connecting common room. Three rooms of two girls are on either side of the common room, and the six girls share two bathrooms.


Small classes. Very low amount of attractive humans.


It's old and historic, so we have a lot of old buildings, many have been restored, and it has a beautiful campus that draws you in.


It's smaller and more community-oriented than any school I've been to.


Spring Hill is a small, liberal arts college. It's got a wonderful environment and our faculty is absolutely amazing! The teachers know us by face and name and we don't have any of those large, lecture-hall classes.


It's a lot smaller. It has a family community. It is very closed off from the rest of the city. It is very divided with lots of cliques.


the thing that makes spring hill unique is the fact that it is small and it is private so the classes will be smaller and the professors will be able to relate to the students more.


Its a small christian college