Spring Hill College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There's no music program. I was hoping to continue playing after switching, but it seems I'll just have to buy my own horn and perform.


Spring Hill College was the first school that I looked at before attending college. I do not have any complaints about the campus or the environment. All of the faculty are respectful to all of the students, and if you need help, they are there for you.


The rising rates of tuition and other related expenses is the worst thing about my school. This misleading tactic to procure student admission binds certain individuals by placing financial burdens upon them. The lack of more culturally diversed programs and a more diversed student body can possibly create ethnic and racial tensions between students also.


Our school's worst aspect is the lack of campus wide wi-fi . It can be crippling to the quest for knowledge.


I dislike how there are no ethnic faternites or sororites. I would like sorority houses and frat houses too.


Spring Hill is too expensive.


The students are in little cliques and don't really socilaize outside of their cliques. Lately there have been thefts on campus, but it's usually safe.


I am from Louisiana, so i am used to the random crazy weather of one day it being chilly to the next day it being extremly hot. However, I am not used to the rain. Mobile was named top rainiest city. When i came to school I did not even bring a rain jacket or boots, just a simple umbrella, that does not stand a chance against wind. So the worst thing about Spirng Hill is the amount of rain throughout the year.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. Being a private collage, it is more expensive and people who are at a finacial disadvantage are less likely to be able to afford it even though they are very generous with scholarships.


The worst thing about any school are cliques or groups that are completely exclusive. This does not happen often here but can with the few soroities and fraternties and various athletic teams. This creates divisions and limits friendships which hurts any new experience.


The worst thing about my school is that they dont have many activities to do here. This makes the school boring at times.


the cafeteria right now because the new cafeteria is being built so right now our cafe is on top of a temporary floor on top of the pool in the field house


In a word: drama. Because SHC is a small school, rumors get around quickly. The students at SHC jokingly call it "Spring Hill High." While the upper-classmen typically do not participate in such nonsense, the underclassmen tend to be a little immature and perpetuate this "drama."


The things that I consider to be cons can also be pros. Spring Hill is a small College which means that you know most of your peers because most students do reside on campus. The clasroom sizes are also smaller which builds a relationship between you and your professor, but the downside to this is that more is expected of you because of all of the resources. The cliche' college experience that most people think they're going to get at a University is not offered here at Spring Hill, due to its location and size.


I think the worst thing about Spring Hill is the communication between the administration and the students. This problem really inhibits the growth of the student body and keeps the administration in the dark about student needs. However, this problem made me become more involved. I am now an SGA senator for my class, so that I can help bridge the gap between students and administrators. In this way, Spring Hill has developed me into a more responsible person.


It's a close community and if you miss class or you get into trouble everyone knows about it.


The worst two things nout Spring Hill are the strict enforcement by the administration on several policies and the A- rule. The limitations of classes are also a bad thing along with the extensive amount of core that needs to be taken to graduate.


The worst thing about my school is how far away from home it is. I live in Dallas, Texas and Spring Hill is 9 hours away. I was fine with the distance and still am for the most part but only getting to see my family two times a semester can be hard. Since I've been at school, my mom has had a stroke and my sister has been put in jail twice for drugs. It has been hard to deal with things when I cannot be there to help.


No diversity and very money inclusive.


Currently we are eating in what used to be our pool. Our past president was not focused or concerned with student needs, creating a rift between the administration and the students. I also think some of our ciricculum is a bit outdated for the fields of study.


The worst thing about Spring Hill is the small enviroment, in that if you are not part of Greek Life, then it is next to impossible to make friends.


I am an international student and upon coming to Spring Hill College, I have felt welcome. I have no complains about the college as being here is itself a miracle which I am truly thankful for . The environment is much different and better than what I know of in my home Belize. The Spring Hill College Community is not as large in number as other institutions; therefore, the advantage present is the loving bond between students and the professional yet close relationship students share with the faculty and staff. So far this oppurtunity has been a great experience!




We are not exposed to much diversity.


There is nothing to do. The school has activities for the students, but they aren't fun, and all the weird kids go to them.


The drama. Because it's so small everyone knows everoyne else's business and it's ridiculous.


Regulations concerning alcohol


The cafeteria food.


the professors do not think about the amount of work that each student has to do for other classes and just piles more work on like their class is the only class we take


The turnover in administration Greek Life, and Student Affairs. Even though the campus dorms are getting renovated/re-built, there have been closets that have caved in and two years in a row the dorms/apartments were not ready for students to move in (nursing, sports, education). Some of the Sororities on campus participated in hazing and their punishment was not extensive enough.