Spring Hill College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who are not serious about doing well with academics, or are not committed to their education should not attend this school.


one that is not there to have a fun learning experance


A person who cares more about partying that academics, is not open-minded and accepting of diversity, and is in search of a large campus should not attend this school.


Any student not willing to put forth the effort in class would not succeed and should not attend this school. Any student looking for a "party" school should not attend this school. Any student looking to attend college somewhere other than the South should not attend this school. Also, any student looking for a college or university with a football team should not attend this school. Lastly, any student who is easily annoyed from seeing the same people two to three times a day should not attend this school. Anyone else is welcome to attend!


Someone who is not serious about being in college should not attend this school. Not only this someone who is not deciplined at managing thier time should not attend this school.


The type of person who should attend Spring Hill College should be someone who is willing to be accepting of other people and is ready to be acecepted by the people already attending Spring Hill College. A prospective student should be someone who is ready to be challenged in their work and pushed to the best they can be while still ready to have lots of fun while being involved in campus activities.


Students should not attend SHC if there are looking for a very specialized degree. Spring Hill tends to have more generalized degrees. Also, anyone who likes to create drama should not go to SHC. The school is too small for that and is sometimes refered to as "Spring Hill High." Spring Hill is not for students who plan on not attending classes regularly because most professors take role. SHC is not for students who want to take foreign languages other than French, Spanish, Latin or sign language.


a slacker


If you are into being closed off to the outside. Before I arrived here I considered myself a gigantic introvert because I enjoyed being with myself very often, but because of the intimacy of the dorms and classes I have gently come out of my shell. If you are comfortably content with big masses and a fast pace lifestyle that is great! But then Spring Hill is not a suitable candidate for you. The South is a slow cooking comfort food kind of town; it could need a pass port to get to from a hustling and bustling city.


I wouldn't say that only a ccertain type of person should attend this College. They're are many different people whochose to come here but I would recomend if you weren't a religious person you may feel uncomfortable because it is a Jesuit school. The faculty of staff will not make you feel out of place or as an outcast due to your religion.


Someone who should not attend this school is someone who is not dedicated to thier education and does not get involved with thier community.


People who don't like individual attension, teachers know our names and we have responsabilities but the pressure is not too much to handle like at big schools. People who love the cold, and hate the beach and rain, people who love big football tailgating, and those who do not think community service is important.


Everyone is welcomed.


Any person honestly can come to Spring Hill and fel welcomed, and easily get along with one group of friends or another.


A person who does not want to live the most exciting years of their lives should not attend Spring Hill. One who does not want to meet friendly students and caring teachers, who does not want to get involve in new experiences. If this person do not wish to contribute to the community and enjoy this community inside Spring Hill and finally does not want to become the best they can be, then my advice is simple, do not attend.


I believe a person who has no persona, no real passion for anything should not attend this school. I also believe students who do not want to study or students who won't apply themselves shouldn't attend. Spring Hill has a plethora of vigorous courses and as much fun as we all want to have we must study and study and study. One must work hard or one will achieve nothing. We go to school to learn and have fun not simply go to have fun. Education is important!


A person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is looking for a large college campus that will allow him/ her to feel that they live in more of a small city than a tight-knit community.




A person who's looking for a large campus with maximum cultural diversity or a person who's looking for a campus in a large city should not attend this school. Spring Hill College is focused on one-on-one learning and personal development. The campus is small and community is good, but not for someone who wants to attend a large school.


The kind of person who should not attend Spring Hill College, or any college, is one that is not willing to to take advantage of every opportunity handed to them.


People who think way outside the box.