Spring Hill College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I think the most frustrating thing about this school is that there is not a lot of variety. We are a small school and we are a small community so there are times when students feel bored from the everyday activities or they feel that they have to be careful what they do because everyone knows them and everyone will see them. But that is something that people will deal with in any community.


Financial aid, it doesn't come in when you need it.


It is very frustrating when I go to the library to study and get away from noises in the droms, and the library is just as loud as my dorm. I wish the school would make more rooms in the library, noise free rooms. It seems to get louder the later i stay too. If i am in there at 2 in the morning there are people on facebook and laughing, being truly rude. That is the most frustrating thing at Spring Hill.


The amount we pay per year.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the price of books. Books range from 60 to 300 dollars each.


There is not much to do on the weekends, but I always say it is what you make it. Of course, at any school you are going to get tired of doing the same things every weekend. Here, it is normal to just stay in watch a movie with your closest friends and goof off from time to time. The cafeteria food is not the best by far. Students are always complaining because we are under rennovation and the food is much less than excellent.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of core courses that are required in order to graduate. Since the core requirement is so large, I don't have time to take other courses that interest me. I would like to be able to spread my horizons and incorporate different courses into my college education.


The most frustrating thing at this moment is all of the construction going on on campus. It is exciting though that next year we will have a beautiful new campus center.


The lack of really any research, the entire information technology department, and general computer facilities. Also, the low amount of extra activities. We have plenty of service-based clubs, but not much more than that.


The most frustrating thing about this school is pressure put on students about joining sororities and fraternities. The problem is that there aren't enough fraternities or sororities to choose from. Once you join a fraternity or a sorority, you are labeled as a certain kind of person depending on which one that you join.


Nothing at my school really frustrates me, so if I had to think for something I'd have to say the dorm maids. I don't think they clean very well because our showers are extremely nasty. On the weekends we always run out of paper towels, toilet paper, and soap. At the beinning of the year the bathrooms were kept so nice, but the deeper into the year we are getting the worse they are.


I am a continuing studies student; therefore, my perspective is based on a greater number of life experiences than most traditional students. I do not find my school frustrating. I am blessed to be a part of this learning community.


The most frustrating thing about school is that I am a commuter to school because i cannot afford to live on campus and i want to... Also it is hard to balance school, social life, and work so i can get to school....


Some times, we as students feel like the administration makes polices that are not really in the best interest of the students. They can be too harsh and restricting and makes us feel almost as if we are childre. We understand that rules are there for a reason but sometimes they can be too much and it is difficult to come to a compromise with the administration.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost of attendance. This is such a wonderful school with so many opportunities, but it is extremely difficult to keep up financially. It seems as if I have maxed out on the available financial aid, and I am still behind. I love my school and want to stay here, but my dad is running out of options and I can only work so much while taking 18 hours, along with cheerleading and other clubs.


Because it is small it is hard ot get the best equiptment in the science department, but Spring Hill does its best.


I believe that the most frustrating thing about Springhill College is that I can't find anything wrong with them. I remember I went to other colleges and there were many things that frustrated me, even from the beginning. As I first stepped on Springhill's campus, I felt like I really belonged here without a shadow of a doubt. For the first time, it was almost like being apart of a extended family. People treated me so well. I almost felt like maybe I was in a fantasy world. So, I guess what frustrates me is nothing.


The most frustrating thing is the city. Spring Hill stands out in Mobile, Alabama. It is very different from the surronding area. Outside of the walls the city is nice, but not very exciting. It is strange that SHC actually exists within this city.


The price.


They frequently utilize illusive tactics to lure unsuspecting students into their traps. The things that are promised are rarely or never received by the students.


the large workload expected to be handled by the professors


our school has many clicks. if u are wealthy and snooby then you will be fine but if not then you wil have problems having friends.