Spring Hill College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had know how much better it was before going to a different college for half the year.


Before I came to the Hill I wish I had known how small the school was. While everyone is super sweet and accepting, there isn't much variety in the typ eof people you will find here.




I wish I had known how drastically my eating schedule would change and have prepared for the change over the summer or brought more food items with me because my first few weeks of classes i was too busy to eat properly in the cafeteria and it closes quite early. Also I wish I would have had a better idea of what I wanted to major in so I could have better spent my time and energy in high school and be better prepared for my classes now.


I pretty much found out everything I needed to know about my school before enrolling.


I wish I was more aware of the process of paying for college. I most likely would have applied for a greater number of scholarships, or quite simply, have chosen another school. Being under the impression that "everything will be alright" or "this is a great place for you" or "we'll take care of you" is "fine and dandy"; however, the failure to fall through with the implementation of certain promises is once again misleading and can destroy or delay some future endeavors.


That I understood my Degree Plan more fully, and how to to calculate hours to graduate.


I wish I knew about advancement opportunities before I came to college such as future career programs or internships and college courses. Future career programs would have given me experience in my prospective field of study and college courses taken during high school would have helped make my college course load less stressful. I wish I knew not to get involved with relationships before I came to this school because it causes the stress from classes, friends, teachers, and everything else to build. I also wish I knew about shopping for textbooks online to save money.


I would tell myself that I could do anything I set my mind to. To be my own person and not listen or bow to peer pressure. Being an older student can be a hard thing to do and in my experience it is a lot more difficult to try to get homework done after working a full 8 hours and taking care of a children at home. Take your time and study!


I wish I would have known that my scholarship required community service. Being a commuter student and having to drive over an hour to school each morning really plays a toll on my extra curriculars. I am not able to do all of the community service my scholarship requires because of the fact that I commute from such a long way. Had I known that my scholarship required more of me than I can afford to give right now, I would not have accepted it. Sadly, my financial status is not that which allows me to live on campus.


I wish I would have known the quality of people that I would find here at Spring HIll College prior to coming. I was extremely nervous about having to meet new people and leave my closest friends from high school. However, since coming to Spring Hill College I have not only found amazing friends but have been accepted into the community of people here to truly care for one another and are willing to support eachother in all endeavors.


I wish I had known that I could buy my books online instead of through the bookstore my first semester. It probably would have saved me $400 on books.


More ways to find scholarships.


Jokingly, the one thing I wish I would have known is to bring more blankets, because the dorms are so cold. But, in all seriousness, I wish I had realized that six hours really is too far to see my family more than once or twice a semester. I have made the right kind of friends. My classes are going well. And, I even like all of my professors. The only downfall Spring Hill has is the distance from home.


I wish I would have known to read the text book before every quiz, no matter how many notes I took in lecture.


Before I came to this school, I wish that I had known how to better study for classes and to be prepared for those classes each day. In high school, I never needed to study, but now I have to. I wish I had better studying habits.


I wish i would have known more about the community of the school. Everyone makes you feel at home, and it is an awesome experience. I also would have benefited from learning how to cope better with being so far from home, and to hear others experiences about how they dealt with being away from home.


I wish I had known that the school was a "party" school, because I do not drink and do not wish to engage in drinking. That being said, I still love the school, I just find the noise on the weekends distracting.


I wish that I had known the truth about the finances and loved that is shared at this school among the faculty, staff and students. the reason I say this is because I was told that Spring Hill was a very expensive college. I found this out not to be true. Also that this school was based on Catholics only which also was not the truth. I thank God that I had an opportunity to find out for myself. I plan to attend this school for my master's in Special Education.


Nothing seems too important mainly because i didnt have any significant problems getting adjusted to college life at Spring Hill, which is 1000 miles away from my home.


I wish that I would have known exactly what I wanted to major in before I came to school.


I wish I had known how much my friends, new and old, were going to mean to me. Freshman year was crazy since all the new students were frantically bouncing from person to person, group to group, trying to meet as many friends as possible. At college, we left our families at home, so our friends become our families. We spend so much time together and rely on one another. It was a totally different experience from high school. It was another level of intimacy that I did not know existed.


I wish i had known how wonderful the educational expericene. The tearchers and freindly and love to help students. The students are nice and often make good friends. I am intrigue that we have so many resouces to used at the college. We can turn to anybody on the campus for help. The environment at Spring Hill College far exceed any educational expericene that I had ever recieved. I plan on continue to engaged the education with a positive outlook.


I wish I had know to do even more advanced placement classes, and to really study as hard as you will allow yourself too. I wish I had also known the importance of saving up every signel penny you can save for college. I also wish I had known exactly what to expect and what ways I should about to be ready for anything and everything cause college hits you with everything.


Even though it is a small population, being a part of the greek system is a large part of the social life. Even if I didn't join a sorority, I wish I had participated in recruitment to meet more girls and make more friends my freshman year.


Before i came to this Spring Hill i wish i had known how the chem labortory was not as sufficent as i wouldd have hoped. Spring Hill is suppose to be a great school for a science major. I am a Biochemistry major and i expect to spend a lot of time in the lab. i just wish it were more updated so i won't be behind my peers at other instiutions, technology wise .


How to finance and save money better.


Financial aid will decrease as you get closer to graduation.


The dysfunction of the staff and administration sometimes on, specifically on the weekends.


I wish I would have know to just be myself and not try to do everything everyone else was doing.


I wish I would have known the work load of this school compared to other schools and also how important living on campus is.


I wish I would have known that the school is not as liberal as it seems if at all and is surrounded by alcohol which the school is aware of yet does not stop.