Spring Hill College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about our school is that students are given many opprotunities to get involved, maintain a busy but productive schedule and to meet new people that will beneifit their careers. Most students have a full class load, have a job and volunteer several hours of their week. Our school also has a large social life becasue we are a close community. So when people come to the Hill, they are soon accepted into a large family that will push them to develop into a successful adult.


The best thing about SHC is the community. Everyone on The Hill is super nice and accepting. We really are a family here and we protect each other. It's hard to go anywhere on campus without seeing at least a few people you know because we are so small! Another cool thing about Spring Hill is the fact that we are so close with our teachers-- a lot of us babysit for and talk to our professors outside of class which is something you don't get just anywhere!


the best thing about spring hill is the view of mobile.


The adcademic oportunites that are given while also allowing you to grow socially.


The staff somw of them are really great, and they do their best to help you get through school.


This best thing about my school is its small class sizes. You really get to know your professors on a personal level, making it very comfortable to go to them for help and advice. The small class sizes also makes it easier to interact with your professors and other students during class.


The best thing about Spring Hill College is the idea of cura personalis, or the care and development of the whole person. This is a distinctly Jesuit concept and it is the reason I chose SHC. When we become whole people, we can help complete others. We enter to learn and leave to serve.


I consider the student to teacher ratio the best thing at my school. Teachers are always available and want to help the students succeed. It is a more personal environment where students can receive one on one help from the teachers.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is such a close nit community.


The best thing about Springhill is they are very helpful and very friendly towards non-traditional students. I sometimes have a lot of questions and they never hestitate to call back with the answers I need.


small class size and the high level of education recieved


The best thing about my school is its small size. The lecture courses are small enough to have a relationship with the professor and students in the classroom. In small classes, I feel like I have more participation in the discussion. Also, with a smaller school, I can approach my teachers and feel like they know who I am when I come in their office.


The best thing that I like about my school is that it is very family oriented. The Professors are awesome. The spirit of God is all over the campus. That's is the best thing that could take place at our school.


It is small so it allows you to have one on one time with your teachers, and it is not hard to make friends.


The best thing about my school is how much it is like a community. Because it is a small campus with about 1500 students, you have smaller class sizes and so you get to know the people in your classes better. Also, you have a great opportunity to form relationships with your teachers which is beneficial because it is easier to go to them for help or clarification. On top of all that, it is a Catholic School, so you are able to grow in your faith without being forced to do so.


The small number of students because you have a more one on one expirence. Your not just a number but a name.


The best thing about my school is the size. I love walking down the sidewalk and seeing so many familiar faces and having thirty minute conversations with people I've only met twice in my whole life.


The small size of the campus makes me feel like a true part of the campus and like I have a family here that I can depend on if needed. I don't have to worry about getting to class on time or getting lost when I am visiting my friends or attempting to find a professor and talk to them.


The best thing is the friendliness and diversity of activities offered.


You get to know most everyone. It's a very tight knit community.


The close community feeling. Everyone looks out for each other. I really feel like I have a second family at Spring Hill. Everyone from students to facluty and staff cares about every single person. It is small enough for everyone to feel like a person and not just a number.


The size of the school and the friendly people


The school is a fun place to be. The students are great and the professors are well-informed and good to just shoot the breeze with anytime. The administration, especially the area concerning the vice-academic dean is lacking and does not have the student's best interest at heart.


The size. It really gives a sense of community.


Small classroom sizes