Springfield College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Springfield College is best known for programs in the allied health sciences and is known as the "Birthplace for Basketball".


My school is best known for the community service programs that mostly all students are involved in. We are also known for being very friendly; we have "Say Hey" day on campus where everyone says hello to everyone else.


SC is best know for their athletics and athletic-based majors, such as Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Applied Exercise Science.


Springfield college is perfect for adult learners. It is very diverse with many intelligent people of different backgrounds. The instructors respond quickly if students have questions or concerns. Its all about respect for yourself and others. Coorperation, communication and commitment. It is perfect for me because I can still work full time and attend school.


Springfield College is an athletic school best known for their athletic programs. Their athletic training, physical therapy, and physical education are some of the best majors they provide.


My school is EXTREMELY athletic and is tradition oriented. Though we take pride in our athletic programs we take even more pride in our academics. My school is respected for health related careers centered around athletics. Athletic training, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physicians assistant, and physical education are the most popular and difficult majors to get accept into. Besides our athletics and academics, we are very big on giving back to the community. Each year we have a Humanics in Action day devoted to the community where there are no classes and every student participates.


Our school is best known for the balance and emphasis on spirit, mind, and body. Our school values these three parts of life very highly and encourages involvement in the community. The campus is very warm and welcoming, and encourages students to be active in the community.