Springfield College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My school is not very diverse. The majority is white people, and sometimes they try to deny that it is diverse.


I really don't see anything bad about my college. Springfield the city does have some really troubled areas but the college seems to be very safe. They have many activities at the campus with hopes to keep you on campus as much as possible.


I would definitely say the weekend night life is the worst. Not too many on campus parties. Campus police like to break them up very often.


There is a lot of pressure to do well academically and physically at my school. The school is very body-type focused. The students all work out and eat well. You have pressure to looks your best and always be on your A game when it comes to working out


Everyone is very similar and there is not much diversity.


I think the worst thing about Springfield College is the fact that is located right on the outside of the ghetto.


I can't think of anything that I don't like about my school. It is a great school and it is a nice size so I feel very safe and happy here. If I had to pick something I didn't like I would say there really isn't anything in walking distance for shopping and food. You need a car to get to places to shop.


Diversity is the worst thing about my school because there is not enough of it. This hurts the college as a whole because our school is predominantly white and therefore, most students will not know how to interact or maybe feel comfortable with those of color. Diversity brings light, new ideas, and change on campus and Springfield College needs more diversity on campus.


I dislike the drama at my school. It is not the schools fault, but I feel like a good chunk of my peers are very conceited and they do not take criticism very well. People are threatened by others and if a person does better on an exam or quiz, that person is a "know it all" and they did not deserve they grade they recieved. It is very competitive and back stabbing among the programs at the school instead of trying to help each other.


The worst thing about our school are the living arrangements. The dorms are out-of-date, and a few are not handicapped accessable. They are small, dark, and made of cinder blocks. Usually they do not feel very home-like or comfortable. This past year's class size was enormous, and there were not enough rooms to fit them. Our school had to put some of them in upperclassmen dorms, and kick out the older students. We are guaranteed 4 years of on-campus housing, which is always a plus when looking at schools.


Unfortunately the worse thing about this college is the location of the school. It is located in Springfield Massachusettes which is a more low-income city that does have problems. However springfield college is tucked away in its own little area and everything is close and security is tight so it is a safe campus.


The worst thing at this school is probably the lack of diversity among the students. This campus is accepting of difference, but the lack of exposure to different cultures, races, and sexual orientations probably hurts the learning experience in terms of points of view and relationships among the students.


The location size and expense.


The worst thing about this school for me involves time management. I am currently enrolled in one of the hardest majors the course offers. I also played basketball as a freshman, which really pressed me for studies.