St Andrews University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Their equestrian team and therapeutic horsemanship program.


St. Andrews is best known for its equestrian program and strong alumni.


My school is best known for its equine programs. They have about 150 horses and many opportunities to learn. The program offers competion oppertunities in Dressage, Western, and Hunt Seat. There is also a well know therapeutic riding program where students learn how to teach these lessons effectivly. There is also an Equine Business Management major offered, as well as, Therapeutic Horsemanship Major and amny other concentrations. We have a vet on staff who also teaches classes. The classes in this program are very hands on and students have an oppertunity to apply the information they learn in the classroom.


are equestrian program


My school is best known for its Equestrian Riding Program & the Bagpipe Band. It's also known for the small class sizes, student to teacher ratio. It is also known for teachers having a genuine care for their students. It's also known for being very small and students have a hard time finding other things to do besides drink.

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