St Andrews University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who doesn't like the idea of attending a huge university; a person who doesn't mind a small campus.


People who enjoy horses and other related activities would feel at home at St. Andrews. Also, people who enjoy voicing and discussing they're views would also be welcomed. If your a person who enjoys leisure activities such as bag piping as well as artistic actiivities would also like St. Andrews.


If you are extremely passionate about learning about a wide spectrum of facts, if you are extremely passionate about art, interested in the horses or if you feel like you do not belong anywhere; St. Andrews if for you. I warn, however, that if you are not financially well off you may not succeed here as the cost of tuition continues to rise. Also, the school is barely staying open due to financial and credit instability.


A dedicated and motivated person in either athletics or academics should attend this school. St. Andrews is a very prestigious private college that only kids who have the work ethic to learn and absorb everything that is given to them. Also, they take advantage of the smaller school and having more one-on-time with the professors because the classes are extremely small.


This school is for individuals who need small class rooms and interaction with their peers and professors. Professors are always available for personal tutoring. There are lots of social events on campus; alcohol plays a big role in social life but there are many dry locations/dorms on campus for studying. If you are an athlete or equestrian this is the school for you! There is financial aid, but you're best off coming and keeping a high GPA. The school will work with you and your finances to make it happen if you really want to attend this school.


A person with the ability to live on a very small campus where everyone knows everyone. One that enjoys a laid-back lifestyle. Someone who is use to or would enjoy a small town and can find things to do to fill their time.


Anyone who wants a small enviornment with a lot of focus on school.

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